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“You are your only competition. If you can overcome you, you can overcome and achieve anything.” ~ Eternal Sunshine

I know with everything going on, it’s easy to get discouraged with classes. I’ve heard from several students that they often feel detached from their classes, their professors, and even from other students. But I’m here to let you know that this semester can be conquered. If you’re not used to Virtual Classes yet and you’re struggling with keeping up, consider looking at some of these study tips!

1. Invest in BlueLight Blockerz – I cannot stress this enough. Invest in some blue light blockers for either your computer, your phone, or for your glasses. As a Graphic Design student, 95% of my day is spent if not on the computer than on my tablet or phone. Your eyes will thank you and those midday headaches will cease to exist!

2. Plan Your Week – There are tons of calendars out there to help you with the organization. Whether you’re a digital junkie or you simply like handwriting everything out, invest yourself in a calendar or planner! Your future self with thank you!

3. Form Study Groups – If you’re a student that often doesn’t interact in class or rarely talks to other students, consider stepping outside of your comfort zone. You never know when you might need help with homework or want to ask your professor for tips or exceptions. Forming a study group is a great way to better get to know other students and make lasting impressions!

4. Take Notes – This tip is really explanatory but oftentimes students solely rely on recorded lectures and asking questions to get through by the class. While those are okay methods, writing and taking notes will really help, especially during test time.

5. Go To Tutoring – There’s no shame in asking for help, especially when you may be struggling in a class. Montgomery College offers a lot of resources for FREE for MC students, and this includes free tutoring resources. If you know that you are struggling with a class, ASK FOR HELP. Do not wait until the end of the semester to ask for help!

6. Stay Resilient – I know there might be an overwhelming desire to give up, BUT DON’T. Give yourself breaks, plan out times to have a snack break/nap, and make sure you’re focusing on your mental health. If there’s ever a day where you are stressed or tired try to rest and do things that you enjoy. I know studying is important but so is giving yourself permission to breathe.

I believe in you all! I know you can make it out this semester on top! Stay Strong!


Kayla Savoy

Hey there! I promise finding this author’s note and stumbling across my blog page is no accident. My goal at the end of the day is to hopefully get you laughing, encouraged, or ready to make a change in your life. Now back to basics. My name is Kayla Savoy and this is my second year here at Montgomery College. Although I transfered from a different Community college halfway through my first year, I decided to make the switch and study Interior Design here on the Rockville campus! My goal after graduating is to transfer to Marymount University where I will continue my path to becoming an Interior Designer!

In my spare time you might catch me walking along campus helping other students as part of my job as a Peer Navigator or hiding out in Macklin Tower playing the Sims 4! Although Interior Design is my passion for my ocupation, I have found comfort in designing stickers and writing on my own personal blog ‘Accidentally Fluffy.’

Hobbies aside, I know what it’s like to be a college student and see each phase and go through every struggle. I understand the late nights, the “I haven’t eaten in four days”, I even understand the procrastination and overwhelming desire to give up when classes get hard. I hope you view this blog as a safe haven and a place where you can get a quick laugh and not feel judged. I hope you feel empowered enough at the end of each post to search for the opportunities offered here at MC as well!

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