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Welcome back, everybody! As usual, let’s start of this great post with some words of inspiration!

“Forget yesterday-it has already forgotten you. Don’t sweat tomorrow-you haven’t even met. Instead, open your eyes and your heart to a truly precious gift-today.” – Steve Maraboli

Today we’re going to focus on some methods to fight against stress and discouragement when working our way through the semester.

  1. Get a meditation app! There are so many free apps available that will bombard you with inspirational quotes and self-care tips to keep you on track and inspired during the semester! A couple of my favorites are SimpleHabit, Eternal Sunshine, Motivation, and Sanity&Self!
  2. Meditate/Exercise! It’s super important that you are getting some form of physical exercise. On average, you should be doing some type of physical activity for 15 minutes a day! This can be done by walking, dancing, doing yoga, and even stretching! While gyms might not be open there are lots of apps that can bring the gym to you!
  3. Take Breaks Often! I cannot stress this enough for students. Please every hour take a 10-minute break. This can be eating a snack, drinking some water, stretching. It’s so important to give your mind rest. Please ensure that you’re taking appropriate breaks
  4. Go To Sleep! I promise that the assignment can wait and so can studying for that test. Try starting the assignments on time and setting up expectations early so that you are not waiting the night before to complete a 10-page paper. Your body and brain will thank you!

I know it’s easy to fall down the rabbit-hole of not sleeping, not eating, or taking care of our health, but now more than ever, our physical and mental health is so important! Please do not make the mistake of overstressing and not treating your body with care.

I know you guys can do it! Let’s make this a great semester!

~ Kayla


Kayla Savoy

Hey there! I promise finding this author’s note and stumbling across my blog page is no accident. My goal at the end of the day is to hopefully get you laughing, encouraged, or ready to make a change in your life. Now back to basics. My name is Kayla Savoy and this is my second year here at Montgomery College. Although I transfered from a different Community college halfway through my first year, I decided to make the switch and study Interior Design here on the Rockville campus! My goal after graduating is to transfer to Marymount University where I will continue my path to becoming an Interior Designer!

In my spare time you might catch me walking along campus helping other students as part of my job as a Peer Navigator or hiding out in Macklin Tower playing the Sims 4! Although Interior Design is my passion for my ocupation, I have found comfort in designing stickers and writing on my own personal blog ‘Accidentally Fluffy.’

Hobbies aside, I know what it’s like to be a college student and see each phase and go through every struggle. I understand the late nights, the “I haven’t eaten in four days”, I even understand the procrastination and overwhelming desire to give up when classes get hard. I hope you view this blog as a safe haven and a place where you can get a quick laugh and not feel judged. I hope you feel empowered enough at the end of each post to search for the opportunities offered here at MC as well!

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  1. Good tips that are relevant this year as well. It doesn’t matter if you study on campus or online.

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