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Her Survivors,

It’s been a long semester filled with so many changes, but we made it till the end. This has been such a draining semester and a bittersweet one for me. Sweet because its my last semester at MC and bitter because of all the work and all that I will be leaving behind.

MC has made such a mark on my life; I’ve met some amazing people who have greatly impacted me, and I can proudly say I am a better person than I was when I started here. MC has indeed been my home and I am proud to be am alumni (feels so good saying that.) I drove past university of Maryland campus few days ago, got lost a lot of time around the campus and it got me thinking how the students cope there especially on their first day, how do they find their classes and all. Thinking about all that really got me thinking about how much of a family Takoma Park has been, its never hard to find any place, it might be small but has such a huge sense of community. Walking in and out of the ST building you meet so many familiar faces and get to know new people.

I have talked about Nursing program a lot on here and I cannot go without mentioning it one more time. The MC nursing program is challenging, its tough, and will try to break you but hold on because you are stronger. In the end it will all be worth it, and I can say that with so much joy now because it feels real.
One of my favorite memories of MC or the best thing I ever did was get involved in student life. It all started with iLead and the Advanced iLead, then being the vice president of Upper Room Fellowship, being a part of MC Voices and a lot more that I got to learn and experience. Student life opened me to a world of more possibilities, challenged me and showed me another side of me I hadn’t tapped into and helped me grow in so many ways that I am so thankful for.

If you are reading this and not sure if MC is the place for you, take it from me it might not look like its best option, but it will be what you need. If you are already an MC student, I hope my voice made an impact in your life.

Bih Nche Kandi

Hi, my name is Kandi and I am a third semester nursing student. I am happy and excited to be a part of MC voices to not only Mc as a whole but to nursing students, foreign students without immediate family in the United States, African students, and new students. Why because that’s what makes me, I am all of that and much more.

I am a Cameroonian who has lived in the United States for almost 5years. I am a Christian and a believer in Christ and also a very optimistic person. I make and share a lot of encouraging/inspirational/motivational Videos and post on Instagram @uniquelykandi.

If you are new to MC welcome,
If you are new to the nursing program, welcome,
If you new to the United States, welcome.

I believe we will have a lot of fun sharing and learning from each other.
Philippians 4:4

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