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Hey survivors

I know I know I know it’s been a while!! How are you dealing with this pandemic?

I know these are hard times for us all but let’s be honest, there is some good in it. And I don’t just say that because I am one of the few that are still fortunate to have a job, but I say that because I am one of many Alive and Healthy, free of Covid 19. Yes, while we might all be impacted, we are not all infected and that is something to be grateful for. To some people, staying at home has always been their thing and to others its never been a thing. The reality is as humans we all have in us the ability to adapt to change. I have learned that adapting to change has a lot more to do with our mindset than what is happening around us. If we set our minds to accepting and finding purpose in change, it becomes smoother and way easier to transition to as compared to fighting it and seeing it as doom. While staying at home might not be our favorite thing right now, lets all remember we have more to be thankful for than complaining about staying at home. If that is still hard for you to see here are a few reasons to be thankful;

  1. You are ALIVE: You wouldn’t even be able to complain if you did not have the most important thing and that is your LIFE.
  2. You are Healthy: Some people are alive but infected fighting for their lives on ventilators, but you aren’t.
  3. Family: More time to spend with your family.
  4. Rest: Let’s face it some people haven’t had a good rest in a long time, and this is finally an opportunity to rest your body.
  5. A roof over your head: We have homeless people that have no home to stay at, but you do have one.
  6. The luxury of televisions, iPad, electricity and other electronic devices that we have but some people around the world are quarantined with no form of entertainment or even electricity.
  7. Food: We have access to a meal if not too much that we are more worried about our weight than those who barely have anything to eat.

These are hard times but if we look closely, we will all find something to be grateful for even if it is just life because without life, none of the things we complain about will matter.


What are you most grateful for in this time? Comment below.

Bih Nche Kandi

Hi, my name is Kandi and I am a third semester nursing student. I am happy and excited to be a part of MC voices to not only Mc as a whole but to nursing students, foreign students without immediate family in the United States, African students, and new students. Why because that’s what makes me, I am all of that and much more.

I am a Cameroonian who has lived in the United States for almost 5years. I am a Christian and a believer in Christ and also a very optimistic person. I make and share a lot of encouraging/inspirational/motivational Videos and post on Instagram @uniquelykandi.

If you are new to MC welcome,
If you are new to the nursing program, welcome,
If you new to the United States, welcome.

I believe we will have a lot of fun sharing and learning from each other.
Philippians 4:4

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