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Hey Raptors, sorry for the delay in posting. We had some technical difficulties on this end as they oft happen in modern times. When technology fails, it fails hard. Haha. Anywho, we’re back!

With the Covid-19, or Coronavirus, pandemic ongoing our college has decided to take classes online for the time being. I’ve taken a few classes online during my tenure here at Montgomery College and I just wanted to go over some tips to help you stay on top of things.

  1. Write a calendar for the week for each class and tape it to your bedroom door. Because classes are no longer in person, it is easier to forget about them and even the assignments that are due. If you have a visual reminder of everything you need to do every time you leave or enter your bedroom you’ll probably be less likely to forget anything.
  2. Make sure your laptop or computer is plugged in and running smoothly before starting any online quiz or test. Unfortunately, if you’re laptop or computer turns off during a test or quiz, the grade you will receive is only for the questions answered. It is much harder to clear your name and get a “re-do” when you cannot explain what happened in person.
  3. Make sure you have steady and stable internet connection for the same reason as tip #2. If your internet connection drops mid-assignment Blackboard will only save what you have done and you will not be allowed to access the assignment again until your professor unlocks it for you.
  4. Start making it a habit to check announcements and assignments on Sunday/Monday for the week that way you have ample time to plan things out and get them done.
  5. Don’t forget to take breaks and have fun, good mental health requires a bit of relaxations as well.

Stay healthy folks!

Om Tiwari

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