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Check out the Dance Program

Friday, March 13

11:00 – 12:25

Genre: Hip-Hop

Level: Advanced Beginning/Intermediate

Teacher: Dayna Crawmer


Friday, April 3

11:00 – 12:25

Genre: Contemporary Modern

Level: Intermediate

Teacher: Shannon Quinn


Thursday, April 16

11:00 – 12:15

Genre: Isadora Duncan Technique (Early Modern Dance)

Level: Beginning

Teacher: Cynthia Word

Madlene Nel

One part student and one part friend, two parts explorer and four parts drama queen. When you put it all together you’d have a nice apple pie and I just made myself very hungry.

My name is Madlené and I am from South Africa. I have been privileged enough to be able to experience the American culture and get to know a variety of amazing people living here. I enjoy travelling and discovering new places but above all I love meeting new people and learning about their culture while sharing mine as well.

In my free time I enjoy reading a good book or two and of course I am addicted to Netflix (Not my fault . . . it’s those 10 seconds they give you to choose whether you want to go on with the show or stop and I seem to miss clicking the stop button every time). I love writing songs and performing in front of others. Over the weekend I like hanging out with my friends, going to see theatre performances and discovering new places to hike, eat or just to have fun.

 I am majoring in Performance Theatre and want to pursue a career in Musical Theatre.

I am excited to share my college experience with you and I hope you enjoy this journey with me.

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  1. These dance classes sound like not only a great to learn a new skill, but get great exercise!

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