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*Takes up a mic* 

How many of us realize that being a student WITH a student email address is such a privilege? 

it’s only 3 characters long – E.D.U – yet gives us access to an incredible amount of opportunities from FREE learning resources (on and off-line) to discounts, free passes, and most importantly career opportunities. Trust me, that meme up top is literally me calling myself out! Because remember how I recently came out of undergrad and got into MC through a coding bootcamp?

Yeah…So, the transition from a four-year college to a bootcamp was a rough one; not only did I feel lost, and even depressed (story for another time), I started to realize the perks that came with a student status once I was no longer a “student” (still debating over the definition of the word “student” nowadays). I also missed the perks of “the power of .edu” – Hence this blog’s title. *you gotta pronounce the “.”(dot) at the beginning…*

Just to name a few, here are some perks of “.edu” 

  • First, FREE or DISCOUNTED access to software products: Adobe (& products), Tableau, Microsoft, and so much more.
    • Look y’all, here is the thing. MOST, if not all, companies run on these softwares, with excel being the #1 skill that is always listed as required within the job description! Being in the tech field and having one foot into the workforce, I get insights into the skills that are in demand, from which I know for certain that data-centered skills are more crucial now than ever! And one of the software that’s associated with data & analytics, besides excel, is Tableau – which is very expensive, so take advantage while you still can! I’d also like to emphasize getting familiar and comfortable with Adobe products; as a storyteller, I started picking up video editing as a second storytelling medium and realized the value of Adobe Premier, Lightroom, and photoshop – to name a few. Because I know of a time when I did not have these perks, I found a way to maximize my resources by joining the MCTV Media Team as a (paid) production aide! 
  • Second, FREE passes and credibility. Ok yall, admit it, there is just something so damn cool about being a student. Period! For example, a podcast host on linkedin made a post about a pattern that he’d notice while sending email invites. Whenever he sent out emails using his “edu” account, he would get immediate responses, whereas his regular gmail got him nowhere…In addition, when you’re networking, you may be allowed a greater “margin of error” which can be a double edged sword. However, I also view it as a flexible approach to learning from the mistakes that may occur. 

Oh, and don’t even get me started on all those cool, big-tech companies co-ops and internships. They are straight begging for students and their requirements usually goes like: 

“…Must be enrolled in a 4-year accredited university (ok, they play community colleges dirty on this one but)…Full-time student…Pursuing a [insert major]…”

And finally, FREE access to, now known as LINKEDIN LEARNING. I had to save the best (in my opinion) for last because this one is a gold mine. Period! Because, check this, LinkedIn learning offers a wide range of courses that can help anyone fill in the gaps in their learning. With the high cost of higher education, online courses are on the rise, and LinkedIn learning is one of them! The cool part is that, as you learn and take instructional assessment, the (good) results can boost your LinkedIn profile. This shows prospective employers the skills that you’re picking up and the certifications that come along. And let me get you in this: There is such a thing as The LinkedIn Learning Ambassador Program, “built to bring about awareness around LinkedIn and the free access of available to all students, staff and faculty across their institution.”

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  1. College’s offer so many great tools that you can take for granted until you are no longer able to use them.

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