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Worrying out about that speech you must do for your final? Here’s my personal advice.

John Turish

Hi my name is John! My parents are from El Salvador. I have been attending Montgomery College (full-time) for several years now.

After many self-evaluations and numerous online career assessments, I ultimately decided that the best major for me is communications. Many hobbies I do can fall under the major (e.g. graphic arts) I want to become a Communications professor and/or a social media marketer. Also, I major in Communications because I’m bad at math.

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  1. Hi John,
    Another tip I’ve learned about conquering nervousness in giving speeches is to imagine yourself giving a successful speech. Visualize yourself being introduced and walking up to the podium; visualize yourself as a poised and articulate individual, who gives an interesting and inspiring speech. I’ve found these to be a very useful techniques, in addition to practice of course, for reducing anxiety and increasing confidence before an important speech.
    Best of luck,

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