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Hindi words of the week:
किताब Kitab (kih-tha-ab) – book

मज़ा Maza (muh-zaa) – fun

Hey raptors its the end of the semester and the time of year when we also need to start cleaning out old textbooks and such. I just wanted to give you all some reminders of the end of semester things to keep track of.

  1. If you rented any books, check the return dates. Make sure to get em in on time so you don’t end up paying the full price. Textbooks are so overpriced so it’s definitely not worth it.
  2. Check to see if the bookstore will buy your used textbook. Get some extra money back.
  3. There are notice boards in every school building, some big ones are the notice boards in the humanities buildings and the Ackerman center.
  4. Double check your future classes to make sure you actually don’t need the textbook again for another class.
  5. If you cant do any of those or want a more fun option you can visit this link. My favorite is the cover for an ebook reader. Do you all think making one for my kindle would be too meta? Hmmm.

Om Tiwari

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