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Hindi Words of the Week:

बाज़ार Bazaar (baa-zarr) – market

खाना Khana (kha-naa) – food

I’ve talked about it before but it really is difficult to be healthy during the school semester. Can’t seem to work enough hours or study enough hours but we all manage to plow through it somehow. Usually, I end up eating a lot of instant noodles and gross vending machine snacks. Recently however, I have managed to start a minuscule amount of regular meal prep. Mostly I just buy those salad packets from the grocery store and augment it with a little bit of chicken or bread.

A friend recently showed me that there was a snack station on the second floor of the science building in front of the lab hallways. To be honest, I don’t visit this place often because I have been better about meal prepping but whenever I see it it’s always full of snacks. The few times I have forgotten to bring a meal and visited the station I’ve always managed to snag a bagel and even one time a breakfast pastry reminiscent of a honey bun. It was so yummy!

This is probably one of my favorite things about MC, what a unique way for our college to show a little student appreciation and care. There is a note box next to the station so if you visit make sure to write a quick “thank you” to the vendors who provide these free goods. Also, I know there are many of you guys who either don’t have the funds or the time to go grocery shopping the way you would like. Our college also has a free food market you can make use of. You can find out more information here.  The food market operates on a first come first serve basis so if you need it show up with your bags promptly. Have a good week Raptors, we’re almost done!

Om Tiwari

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