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Hindi words of the week:
नक्शा Naksha (nuk-shh) – map

आराम Aaram (aah-rom) – ease

Hey everyone it’s nearing the end of the semester! Are you ready? I know I am haha. I’m burnt out you guys. My attention and focus are slipping during my days at college because I’m not taking any breaks.

It’s important to take breaks to relax once in a while so I wanted to let you guys know some of my favorite spots on campus for a quiet breather. You can find a map of the Rockville campus here.

  1. The outside atrium behind the Humanities Building. The terraced steps make it so easy to sit and relax and not too many people pass through so it stays relatively quiet.
  2. There’s a grassy nook behind parking lot 6 that’s kind of perfect for a midday nap on the grass.
  3. Any place in the library or cafeteria is perfect for people-watching and chilling.
  4. There’s a hill next to the Welcome Center that’s nice and peaceful and offers the opportunity to look out at most of the campus.
  5. Any of the seating areas in the Science Center or the Ackerman STEM Learning Center.

Om Tiwari

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