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By now, any MC Raptors out there job searching via LinkedIn should be familiar with a study that shows that 60% and more jobs are filled through networking and referrals, with some recruiters coining it as the “magic bullet” to land jobs.

After discovering the wonders of WIT last week, (which is a nice support to have while I am learning how to code at the Bootcamp and job searching at the same time), I also wanted to share with y’all another interesting non-profit organization called Career Confidence whose mission is to: 

improve individuals’ lives by providing expert job search skills, education, and genuine encouragement while expressing Christian compassion. Since our speakers are recruiters and Human Resource professionals, we are naturally well-connected with employers and recruiting firms in region. While we are not a job placement service and cannot guarantee a job to anyone, we teach motivated people how to put themselves into the top 4% of candidates with their skill set.  

They offer free seminars via meet-up every week and sometimes, multiple times a week in:

I attended their session on Saturday, Oct 18, 2019, where they simulated a scenario between a job seeker and a recruiter with the goal being to find the right company “fit” for the job seeker based on their skills (both “soft” and technical skills).

While the former two are important, there was great emphasis placed on knowing and understanding the work environment or company culture that works for YOU. It took a while to identify where I would fit in, so I asked myself this question (you’re welcome to do the same): 

“What frustrates you?”

-Robert Brandau, Founding Director of Career Confidence

This question might feel like a trick question during an interview, but it is a genuine question for the following reasons: 

  • While some people thrive in dynamic work spaces, others shine in more structured environments.
  • If you are someone who constantly seeks to create and deliver bold ideas, you might want to examine whether or not a company is receptive to change. 
  • When you wake up feeling frustrated about a certain situation, pause, think about the reason why, and understand the “why” as it relates to your place in the workforce. 

Now, I understand that figuring out this process can, in fact, be FrUsTrAtInG, but YOU’RE NOT ALONE. So, check out the FREE services provided by Career Confidence.

 If you’re a current student DON’T WAIT until you graduate. You can get your foot into the door at no cost, starting right now! 

Anne-Marcelle Kouame

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