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So where did we leave off last time? Right. Dreaming in codes (long story…). After waking up from the coding bliss, it was time to face certain facts: jOb SeArCh.

Let’s admit it. It’s a long, tedious and often stressful process that many of us avoid. Some even have nightmares about it. But, fear no more because I have a little scoop to share with y’all, and it’s called :

eJobs (powered by Simplicity) – Montgomery College’s very own mini Linked

Like Linkedin, you can create your own profile, add in your experiences, education, projects, and Voilà! you network away!!!

As someone who constantly strives to learn and gain new insights, I highly value the power of networking, especially using social media. The possibilities to create your own brand, content and getting noticed by employers are endless. The coolest part that I appreciate about eJobs is that it’s centered around the MC community, serving both students and alumni;

In fact, the site is literary a job search database connecting students and alumni with employers, jobs, and internships.” 

Oh, and did I mention that the Student Employment Services will review your resume within 48 hours (M-F)

eJobs also lets you upload cover letters, writing samples and other documents for the job listing.

So if you’re like me, always looking for the next opportunity, or feeling a bit overwhelmed by the power of Linkedin, PAUSE.

Take a step back. 

And look no further than eJobs, simply by checking out some of its perks Here!


Anne-Marcelle Kouame

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  1. eJobs at Montgomery College really is something else, thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information.

  2. Thank you for sharing this! Student Employment Services also has offices on all three campuses to help students get started on the resume writing and job search! You don’t need to have a resume to come to us for assistance!

    Germantown – SA265
    Rockville – SB008
    Takoma Park/Silver Spring – RC205

    It’s best to schedule an appointment for extended help, but you can drop in to ask a question or get a contact person’s name!

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