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Hindi words of the week:

कला Kala (kuh-la) – art

रंग Rang (rung) – color

Hello everyone! It’s a new semester here at Montgomery college and I hope you’re doing well! This semester I have the wonderful privelege of taking a ceramics class here at MC. It is phenomenal. I mean I liked play-dough when I was little and definitely had fun those days in art class in elementary school when we used clay but this is a whole new level.

In this class we actually get to make whatever we want, heres a sample prompt: “Make a hollow sculpture.” After practicing a few basic hollow shapes we were left to our own creative devices to fulfill the prompt. I made a mushroom bouquet, some of my classmates made moons and asteroids, one even made a spider!

I don’t have photos of the finished products now as most are getting ready to be fired but as soon as these projects are complete and if my classmates approve I will definitely post some of their artwork here so check back in a few weeks if you would like to see.

I’ve declared General STEM as my major and thus I only have to take this one ceramics class during my tenure here at MC. However, you can check for all the classes the Art department offers here, if you’re like me and want to make the most of the one required class. You can find out about the art degrees offered at MC here as well as the information for transferring to a four year university within MD for an arts degree. Have a great semester raptors, let’s make some art!

You can view the artwork that other students at MC have created here.

Om Tiwari

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    1. Thank you Brady! Ceramics is so much fun, honestly it’s probably the best part of my day most college-days.

  1. I remember taking Pottery, back when I was a bit younger. I can only imagine what it’s like to take the class here again at MC! I hope I get the opportunity 🙂 thanks for the great read and fun vocab!

    1. I wish i had taken pottery back when I was younger, it is so so so much fun! You should definitely take the class if you can =]

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