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With summer coming up just around the corner, it’s time to think about finding summer jobs and internships. Did you know that MC has a program to help current, and past, students get jobs? Yup! Through student enrollment service and eJobs, MC helps students find employment.

eJobs is a service where you can go and search for local jobs, and they can search for you too!

First thing you have to do is go here and create an account—it takes about 5 minutes. Then you can work on your profile! On eJobs, you can upload your resume right to your profile so that future employers have easy access to it already. You can also spruce up your profile with a picture and personal statement.

Next, you can start searching! You can even filter it to jobs in your field so you don’t get stuck doing something you don’t love. Once you have set up your filters, jobs fitting your criteria will come up. Then you can start exploring these jobs—looking at requirements and so on.

If you don’t see a job for you just yet, don’t worry, because you can set it so that you get email alerts with new job listings in your field! eJobs also lets you know about career related events coming up, like job fairs and information sessions.

This program isn’t just for MC students and alumni to find jobs within though—employers can go on and post job listings as well!

This program is a great opportunity to find a job or internship you love so make sure to set up your eJobs account today!

Cassidy Colbert

I am a 19-year-old lifelong resident of Damascus, Maryland. I am in my 3rd semester as a part-time student at MC. I plan on getting my Associates Degree in the next couple of years and then transferring to the University of Maryland at the Universities at Shady Grove (health permitting).

MC has been my academic home for the past year and I could not be happier. I started off my collegiate experience at Salisbury University in the fall of 2015, but due to my Chronic Lyme Disease, I was forced to drop out. I thought my academic life was over, as I was too ill to handle a full course-load, but that is when I discovered the part-time option at MC. MC gave the choice to take as many, or as few classes as I wanted, and because of this, I am now back on track to getting my degree. MC also offered me disability support services to further assist me in accomplishing my dreams.

I hope that this blog can help other students like me to see that even though they may not be taking the “traditional” route towards higher education, MC offers load of opportunities that will get us where we want to go. Whether you aren’t sure where you want to end up in life, or have another obstacle, like a chronic illness or disability, you can still reach for the stars and accomplish anything they want to here at MC. 

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