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I know this has happened to everyone before – the monotonous, daily routine of waking up, going to school, going to work, etc. tired in both the mind and body after quite some time. Sometimes, I feel like this endless cycle of school and work and just feeling fatigued and exhausted all the time never ends. This feeling in me peaked in high school, and I felt instantly burnt out and run down. After seeing the freedom that a college schedule offers, I’m able to fit more things into my day; however, I still feel dragged down sometimes, especially after weeks on end with no break. Here are some of my top tips for adding a little spice in your routine:

  • Go on a road trip. It doesn’t have to be cross-country or even over state lines. Usually when I feel stressed, I like to drive by myself to Annapolis and watch the boats on the harbor.
  • Get a massage. If there’s any way to successfully wind down, it’s visiting the spa.
  • Branch out of your friend group. Take some time to meet new people and introduce yourself to others. You never know what will happen!
  • Say yes. Instead of staying in every night, say yes to more plans, more outings, more events, etc.
  • Explore new passions. Have you ever thought about writing, painting, singing, or even rock-climbing? Adding a new hobby to your daily routine definitely adds a little spice.
  • Make a booklist. We’re blessed to live in an area with a multitude of free libraries and bookstores- take advantage of it!
  • Do things alone. I used to go and see movies by myself when I got really overwhelmed and depressed. Take this time to enjoy your freedom. 
  • Walk it out. There’s nothing a great scenery and some walking shoes can’t fix!

We’re almost out of the winter blues, Raptors, it’ll be summer before we know it! Hang in there until finals, and I’ll see you by the pool this June.

Annika La Vina

My name is Annika La Vina (pronounced like Monica without the M). I am 20 years old, and I am currently a new student at MC. I love all kinds of sports and am super into fitness - catch me running on the side of Rockville Pike on a sunny day! In addition, I love reading and writing and have been an avid writer since elementary school. I dabble in all kinds of major writing forms - fictional, academic and now, blogging!
After high school, I traveled and worked around the world for two years. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but most of all, it was rewarding. Not only did I experience new cultures and meet tons of people, I also realized several things about myself - the most important being that I needed to go back to school.
It’s frightening - super frightening actually - to embark on a new stage in life. However, you’re not alone. Join me in my newest, weirdest, scariest, most exciting adventure yet - college!

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  1. Good tips Anna. Any routine becomes monotonous and tiring – school, a job, etc. It’s something new parents are never prepared for and is one vocation for which there is no training or ‘day off’. One day, you may look back and say, “Wow – when I was a student, I could knock a day off and do XYZ if I really wanted to” (accepting consequences of course), so although being a student feels routine and tiring, you will actually look back at these days of those of great freedom and health. Enjoy it! Don’t get too bogged down in the now.

  2. Awesome tips! I agree with spending some time with ourselves, and yes summer is almost here haha!

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