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Hindi words of the week:

अध्यापक  Adhyaapak (uhth-yaa-puk) – instructor or teacher
मदद  Madad (muh-the-ud) - help

Hello all, this was a killer week for me. It was full of family events, work and school work, and I’ve barely slept the whole time. This week I also started getting back some of the tests I was given in the beginning of the same. Some of the scores were great and I was very pleased, others were not so good and left me in poor spirits and more than a little disappointed.

For me I guess, this semester Chemistry is going to be an uphill battle. I haven’t started out poorly per se, but I also have not started out on as strong a footing as I would have liked. Thankfully, there’s plenty of time left in the semester for me to get the grade I want. I think mostly I will have to put in more effort.

In all honesty, I hate studying, absolutely despise it. However, this chemistry class will definitely kick my butt if I don’t, so I will need to suck it up and sit down and read those chapters. I have and will continue to ask my friends in class for help when I don’t understand something and hopefully start a study group out of it.

Beyond what I can do myself, our college actually has tutoring services for a variety of subjects! You can find the schedule for classes like Chemistry, Biology and a few others at this link. You can find out about one on one tutoring sessions via this link. You can also learn more about free tutoring sessions through this link. Your professor might also know of some department tutoring sessions and will let you know throughout the semester when those are.

If like me, you’re going to be working harder this semester to pick up your grades, receive some tutoring. Get in some practice, actually read that chapter, and try not to copy your homework. All right Raptors, it’s time for me to review some chemistry. Have a good week and work smart not hard!


Om Tiwari

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  1. Om, a student should never be ashamed to ask for help. Sometimes just having another person explain it may be all that is needed. Thanks for great leads to classes and tutors!

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