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Welcome back Raptors! I know we’ve been back for quite some time, but adjusting to my new schedule has proven to be a struggle for many reasons, including having to wake up early for classes (remind me why I signed up for an 8 a.m. again?). However, one big addition to my 2019 spring semester has been – you guessed it- transfer applications.

MC proves to be one of the best community colleges in the state, not to mention the entire nation, which makes it a great platform for applying to numerous universities around the country and around the world. However, the entire process of transferring is difficult, confusing, and definitely time-consuming. If you haven’t started already, I’d suggest getting to it as early as possible to avoid any procrastination and rushed essays. Here are a few tips and tricks to help this transfer season.

Attend a transfer fair. Montgomery College is fortunate enough to host a number of transfer events during the end of February at all three campuses, so make sure to stop by to get a feel of what each school and institution requires. All fairs run from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.:  Takoma Park is on February 26th at the Student Services Building, Germantown is on February 27th at the High Tech Building, and Rockville is on February 28th in the PE Building.

Have a dedicated notebook. This really helps organize all deadlines, requirements, and notes for each application. Not only will this prevent any confusion, it also provides an outlet for all things transfer related.

Get recommendations as soon as possible. Have you visited your professors? Have you emailed your boss? Have you personally asked? It’s extremely important to give recommendations a long time frame and leeway in the application process, since this is the only part of the application that depends solely on another person other than yourself. Make sure those whom you asked for recommendations know when the deadline is. Check in from time to time, and thank them in an appropriate manner for their time and energy.

Plan financially. I know money is always a touchy subject, but definitely take into account what is in your budget and what definitely isn’t. Research application fees, take note of certain scholarships, see if you qualify for aid, etc. Avoid any unwanted, nasty money disasters by taking care of the financial aspect now.

Don’t stress. I know the application process can be demanding and overwhelming, and it can become even more devastating when the rejection (or acceptance!) letters come rolling in, but don’t forget to take a moment and breathe. Pace yourself accordingly, put your best foot forward, and carry on with other academic studies.

As always, I’m here if you need a helping hand or simply need to vent. Transferring is scary but definitely worth it. Since I haven’t said it already Happy New Year MC; make 2019 a good one!

Annika La Vina

My name is Annika La Vina (pronounced like Monica without the M). I am 20 years old, and I am currently a new student at MC. I love all kinds of sports and am super into fitness - catch me running on the side of Rockville Pike on a sunny day! In addition, I love reading and writing and have been an avid writer since elementary school. I dabble in all kinds of major writing forms - fictional, academic and now, blogging!
After high school, I traveled and worked around the world for two years. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but most of all, it was rewarding. Not only did I experience new cultures and meet tons of people, I also realized several things about myself - the most important being that I needed to go back to school.
It’s frightening - super frightening actually - to embark on a new stage in life. However, you’re not alone. Join me in my newest, weirdest, scariest, most exciting adventure yet - college!

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  1. Excellent advice! Especially about starting to plan your transfer as early as you can, and to attend a transfer fair. Also make sure to see a counselor or program advisor each semester to make sure you’re taking the right classes!

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