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Sit down & relax because I’m about to spill some Kay Mac tea… lately I haven’t been proud of my recent MC Voices uploads. My content hasn’t been something I have been satisfied every time I post it up. People think having a weekly schedule of when to post is easy, but it’s not easy when you have a lot on your plate. Now what is the tea that I’m spilling? The tea is the receptiveness of my videos and figuring out how to create better content.

For those who know me, I put lots of effort in what I do. My content uses a lot of juice in my brain in order for me to upload videos on a weekly basis. Finals are right around the corner and let’s be honest… we’re all not ready for finals but we’re ready for the break. Have some tea and relax. Plan out and figure out what days and times your finals are.

Thanks for watching!

Kaila MaCullough

Hi, my name is Kaila-Marie. I am a business major and I love filming, especially when I am traveling. I am enthusiastic about traveling, going on new adventures and exploring. I enjoy being able to capture the moment while visiting a new place; it is amazing. I enjoy many sports, such as skiing, surfing, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. My favorite sport would be skiing because it only happens once every year here in Maryland. I take advantage of our winters especially since it is short. I am very interested to play volleyball again; however, I could never find places to go except the courts by my house (which are usually occupied).

I am a very passionate person, always willing to give people 100% of my time whether it's school, work, or friendships. Being able to support others has been my nature. I enjoy giving back to the people who have been with me through my long journey of growing up. I hope my vlogs can entertain you and make you realize that community college is a great choice and that you can meet wonderful people.

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  1. Kaila, the finals schedule is something I didn’t know about – how useful! Also, thanks for reminding fellow students to do their FAFSA! These were both useful information.

    1. I didn’t know about the finals schedule until I actually needed to figure out when my actual finals were. When I used the search bar under the MC tab I was in complete shock on how many items pop-up when you searched 1 particular thing! So many resources to choose from! Haha.

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