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Hindi Words of the Week:

वक़्त – Waqt (vuh-kt) – Time

खेलKhel (kh-ale) – Game


It’s nearing the end of the semester Raptors. How have you guys been keeping up? I’m pooped to be honest. I just have to keep reminding myself there’s only 5 weeks left while at the same time trying not to think about it at all. Do you guys remember The Game? If you do, you just lost. If you don’t, this is your introduction. Rule number 1: if you think about The Game you lose. That’s it; that’s the only rule and now you’ve just lost. Haha. Well that’s what it’s like for me with thinking about the end of the semester. Every time I think about it I consciously know that 5 weeks is a short time, but it feels like it’s long. Remember that age-old adage “a watched pot never boils?” So I try not to think about it; in this case, thinking about it would be watching it and the semester end would be the pot of liquid boiling. It’s like playing The Game but with the end of the semester instead. You lost again, hahaha.

Games and jokes aside it’s important to know when the semester is ending so you are aware of how much time you have left in class. If you have a borderline grade, this is crucial information. You have enough time now to get to it so if you need to go ahead and get crack-a-lacking. If you don’t have a borderline grade, it’s still important to know the date because you need to know when finals are in order to prepare properly. Some classes may take more preparation than others, and you will have to account for that. Something that I’ve found that helps me keep track of time is a whiteboard calendar I have on my wall. I make it a point to clean it and fill it at the beginning of every month. It not only reminds me the previous month has ended, but also it’s a daily physical and visual reminder of the days that have passed as I cross each day out in the morning.

Having a routine, a physical or visual practical practice is a great reminder of time. It’s an easy way to get on a schedule and stick to it. With college the best thing to do is fill in important college dates. I write in my test dates, finals dates, project due dates etc. I highlight important general college dates like the official end and beginning of semesters, final exam dates, registration dates etc. You can find these dates by visiting this web page. Find a way to keep track of time and eventually procrastination and last minute work will be a thing of the past. Let’s go Raptors, pull through!

Om Tiwari

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  1. Good advice for all students. Check out the other blogs – many are talking about organization, seeking advisers help, don’t procrastinate, etc. The students who are aware of these things will be the most successful, I think. Stay ahead of the game at all times. Almost there Om!!

  2. When it comes to the end of the semester either it motivates people to push harder or it simply discourages students to stop trying because they feel that they cannot bring up their bad grade. It’s important to be on top of everything and to constantly push yourself no matter the challenges and obstacles that occur in our life. Really like this post!

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