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An alarming number of people don’t know that MC has a newspaper. Even more people don’t know that we have three, one for each campus! I’m a part of the Advocate on the Rockville campus, and today I wanted to take you to the office and show you the website. Read the paper! Being informed is important. Visit us at, and be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

If you have any questions about what it’s like to write for the paper, how to join the staff, or why something you want to read isn’t on the website, please leave me a comment down below! I’d be happy to answer any question you have.

Anna Sohn

Hi, I'm Anna, and I love running, writing, and video games. Besides vlogging for MC Voices, I also write for the MC Advocate, the Rockville student newspaper.

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  1. Thanks for this link Anna! I passed to the bloggers, and I bookmarked it and will make sure to check it out. Nice to meet the staff as well!

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