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Last week, I sat down on a bench across the Theatre Arts Building to gather up all my stuff. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone digging around in the trash bin. I was intrigued, albeit a little disgusted, if I’m being completely honest. However, very quietly, and very subtly, this mystery man took a plastic bottle and paper plate out of the trash can, put it in the recycling bin where it belonged, and went on his merry way.

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Scientists have recently released a report that speculates dire, irreversible environmental consequences will take place as soon as 2040. These include wildfires, food shortages, drastic temperature changes, and many more. Since 2040 is well within our lifetime, it is imperative that we do whatever we can to help our planet heal. However, as busy students, it might be difficult to squeeze in environmental help amidst our hectic schedules, so here are some ways we can stay earth-friendly without it taking too much time.

Recycle whatever you can. Montgomery College has numerous bins for various amounts of materials, including mixed paper, trash, and recyclable items. Annual recycling reports are submitted to the Montgomery County Government each year, and MC has won recycling awards 6 out of 8 years. Take a closer look and throw your waste in the correct bin next time!

Turn off, don’t just log off. For every desktop or laptop computer turned off after school hours, $100 worth of energy is saved every year. If there’s no class after you, try taking the extra step in shutting the computer down as opposed to just turning the monitor off. It’ll save the school money while also saving the world energy!

Use the hand dryer. Not only are hand dryers energy efficient, they also eliminate the cost and waste of paper towels. Interestingly, it takes more energy just to manufacture even a recycled paper towel than it does to operate a hand dryer, so opt for the more renewable option!

I know it may not seem like it will make much of an effect, but global warming is responsible for drastic changes in our weather system including 80 degree October days and numerous hurricanes that never seem to end. We’ve only got one world Raptors!

Annika La Vina

My name is Annika La Vina (pronounced like Monica without the M). I am 20 years old, and I am currently a new student at MC. I love all kinds of sports and am super into fitness - catch me running on the side of Rockville Pike on a sunny day! In addition, I love reading and writing and have been an avid writer since elementary school. I dabble in all kinds of major writing forms - fictional, academic and now, blogging!
After high school, I traveled and worked around the world for two years. It was terrifying and exhilarating at the same time, but most of all, it was rewarding. Not only did I experience new cultures and meet tons of people, I also realized several things about myself - the most important being that I needed to go back to school.
It’s frightening - super frightening actually - to embark on a new stage in life. However, you’re not alone. Join me in my newest, weirdest, scariest, most exciting adventure yet - college!

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  1. With all this global warming this is such a great topic! It’s really good to start somewhere small such as our school! I’ve noticed many students don’t take recycling seriously, in fact, many students throw their plastic in the trash … that’s laziness and super concerning. Shutting off the computer at school is a very good idea! It takes a click to shut down a computer rather than letting it run all day and it not being used.

    Loved the post! You did a great job girlie!

  2. We were just assigned something related to this topic in my Orgo class and wow I am glad to see this topic out here as well! We need to do something about it and small changes can and will make a difference. Great post!

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