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Is the food at Montgomery College worth what you pay for? It really depends on what you are getting that day. Maybe you need to remind yourself that you are a broke college student and saving money is very important. But let’s face reality that there are days where we forget to make our food and we are starving at the moment. It seems as though getting food at the MC Cafe is the ideal place. Whether you accept my opinions or not, it’s nice to know that they have all sorts of food to offer for students.

Disclaimer: My opinion may be biased since I meal prep and pack my food at home. In no way am I shaming MC food. I am stating my personal opinion about the food and other options that MC has to offer.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for my next videos!

Kaila MaCullough

Hi, my name is Kaila-Marie. I am a business major and I love filming, especially when I am traveling. I am enthusiastic about traveling, going on new adventures and exploring. I enjoy being able to capture the moment while visiting a new place; it is amazing. I enjoy many sports, such as skiing, surfing, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. My favorite sport would be skiing because it only happens once every year here in Maryland. I take advantage of our winters especially since it is short. I am very interested to play volleyball again; however, I could never find places to go except the courts by my house (which are usually occupied).

I am a very passionate person, always willing to give people 100% of my time whether it's school, work, or friendships. Being able to support others has been my nature. I enjoy giving back to the people who have been with me through my long journey of growing up. I hope my vlogs can entertain you and make you realize that community college is a great choice and that you can meet wonderful people.

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  1. Nice vlog! Who doesn’t like food? I agree with you that although prepared food is good in a pinch, food prepared at home is healthier (less fat, salt and calories) and less expensive. Unfortunately, some people are not motivated to cook or prepare; they want easy. But is it really? An in between option is toss a yogurt, granola bar, bag of nuts or popcorn, bottle of water (which can all be purchased in bulk at a place like COSTCO for a lot less than a grocery store and can even be kept in the car) and then have sandwiches packed for the week on Sunday and kept in the freezer. People also don’t think of the time wasted waiting in lines to get food and then running out of time to eat – gulping food is not good. So this option also lets you eat on the run if you must.

    1. Thank you! Food is great!!!! I definitely agree that food prepared at home is healthier and less expensive. As a college student having less motivation to prepare food is very common considering we have lists of obligations to get done such as school work, helping around the house, and work.

  2. Really enjoyed your video! I must say the food in the cafeteria is overpriced and I only buy things there when I have been lazy or woken up late lol. I meal prep my meals and sometimes try to do the same for breakfast, but I try to save as much as I can; especially if I want to spend money on something else-like clothes haha! This doesn’t always apply to everyone, but it is indeed very informative to many students who are looking to save or save the hassle of preparing things ahead of time. Thank you for the great video!

    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. I can totally sit in your lazy position when you have no other choice but to buy food at the cafe. That’s good that you meal prep! Not many students I know meal prep their food.

  3. yea the mc cafe is like old kobe bryant. not visible for the entirety but come’s through in the clutch moments (fourth quarter lol). i’ve spent a bomb at the mc cafe in the past few weeks, will have to start getting back on that meal prep wagon =]

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