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Hey MC! Hope it’s been a good week. Hang in there.

This week, I wanted to highlight three resources on the Rockville campus that I think you should know about. What do you think everyone should know about? Leave a comment!

Also, don’t forget to participate in the scavenger hunt! I’ll be looking out for your posts on Instagram and Twitter (don’t forget the hashtag #annasmchunt).

Anna Sohn

Hi, I'm Anna, and I love running, writing, and video games. Besides vlogging for MC Voices, I also write for the MC Advocate, the Rockville student newspaper.

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  1. Always good to remind students of the various help and options students have on the campuses. It’s a good reminder because even if mentioned as new students, they are often later forgotten. The scavenger hunt sounds like a fun idea! Great way to pull students together!

  2. These resources are really good! I didn’t even know rockville had all these resources. I should definitely check it out! Your vid was so cute btww!!!

  3. Great vlog! The Rockville Campus has some really nice places to read or study. I prefer sitting outside in the amphitheater or in one of the fun chairs in the Science Center. And I always like to visit MBI Cafe to snag some coffee or tea!

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