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Why Don’t Most Men Cry?

Hindi Words of the Week: ठंडा  Thanda (ta-un-da) - cold आदमी  Aadmi (ah-the-me) - man   This week in my Psychology class we started discussing gender. Something we touched upon during the class was called “Toxic Masculinity.” I wanted to…

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Election Day

Next Tuesday, November 6th, is Election Day. For many MC students, this may be the first time you are voting! Since we do not get school off for Election Day, I highly recommend early voting. Early voting opened around the…

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Be Mindful

Hi Raptors! We have finally reached the last week of October and even though it includes Halloween, it is that time of the year to register for classes again. I am sure that all of us are already feeling a…

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Halfway There

Hindi Words of the Week: आधा Aadha (ah-dh-uh) – half जल्दी Jaldi (juh-ll-dee) – quickly Hey everyone, hope all is well. We've officially reached the middle of the semester! Yay! Give yourself a pat on the back; we're 50% done.…

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