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Karl talks about why he is now no longer transferring to a four year school.

Karl Meyer

I am 22 years old and have been attending Montgomery College for two years now with one semester left to go before I graduate. I’ve lived in the Rockville area for 8 years and before that, another 7 years St. Louis Park, Minnesota. Before that I lived in Austria and Australia, the place of my birth.

My major is Information Systems. It used to be Computer Science, but it turned out I’m awful at math, so I switched over to something still in the general field of computing and less math intensive.

I’ve been interested in the production of entertainment as a hobby for going on 8 years now. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about what exactly I want to do in this medium. Now, after all this time observing, I can finally put everything I’ve learned to work to create some really great content for you. I hope you join me and have as much fun watching my content as I did making it.

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  1. Hi Karl, you brought up a really hot topic these days – that is, is it worth it to get a 4 year degree anymore and be saddled with a ton of debt just starting out? I honestly don’t know the entire answer to that. As you said, certain areas, like computer science may be different….it depends upon demand. However, in the long run, in many careers, you may find yourself cornered out of pay or promotion. If you have your own online business or something, the degree may not matter. It all depends upon who you work for and supply and demand. In fact, 40 years ago, I knew engineers and managers who had no college degree but worked their way up. Now some feel entitled to a position just because of the degree. I did like it that you considered your parents with 4 kids in making a community college choice.

  2. Hey Karl, I really like the second version (in depth to be exact) video. I think it’s important for students to fully get background knowledge before making any decision. Too bad you’re not transferring to a 4 year but it’s okay! Things happen !! Nice job! I really liked the animations that you incorporated in the beginning!

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