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Not a professional…..

I was able to have these two amazing guys to help me film a Montgomery College look book. If you don’t know what a look book is, it is basically an idea of different sets of outfits (aka outfit ideas). I decided to take some students from Montgomery college and show you what students wear in college.

We took some cool footage in different areas in our college. If you’re not a professional but you like to take photos or study in different places, behind the science building is such a beautiful place to be. I hope you got some inspiration towards outfits and new places to hang out, study, and or take pictures.

Kaila MaCullough

Hi, my name is Kaila-Marie. I am a business major and I love filming, especially when I am traveling. I am enthusiastic about traveling, going on new adventures and exploring. I enjoy being able to capture the moment while visiting a new place; it is amazing. I enjoy many sports, such as skiing, surfing, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. My favorite sport would be skiing because it only happens once every year here in Maryland. I take advantage of our winters especially since it is short. I am very interested to play volleyball again; however, I could never find places to go except the courts by my house (which are usually occupied).

I am a very passionate person, always willing to give people 100% of my time whether it's school, work, or friendships. Being able to support others has been my nature. I enjoy giving back to the people who have been with me through my long journey of growing up. I hope my vlogs can entertain you and make you realize that community college is a great choice and that you can meet wonderful people.

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  1. I see some budding models 🙂 It’s interesting to see how fashion has changed and how a college student likes to dress. The jeans today sure are different than what we wore (holes meant time to toss – haha). Loved all the shoes. It looks like students are layering, more European like in style and more fashion conscious than when I was in school.

    1. Yes, fashion has changed a lot. I personally don’t like to dress up for school but if I were the outfits in the video is something I would wear. Haha yes, holes in jeans sounds crazy but I guess it became a style. I love layering. It’s fun, easy, and keeps me warm.

  2. I love this, Kaila! I’m so happy that you made a video about fashion! I always thought about making a blog about it but it just never happened lol. Everyone in this video has swag 😉 it’s so fun to watch

    1. Lol I wanted to try something new. You definitely should post something about fashion. I would totally read it. Thank you!

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