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Hey guys, just wanted to sit here and talk to you about what it’s like to be a college student, athlete, and an employee. Lately, it’s been super stressful. I thought it would be a good time to bring you along to just to sit down with you and talk to you about how it feels and what to do when you feel like this during certain situations.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel stressed, and it’s hard to express myself, so I thought: why not make a video? I know being a college student it can be pretty tough especially when you are constantly given many tasks.

Anyway, thanks everyone! Keep your head up and don’t give up when life is hard. We all are going through different problems and you’re definitely not alone.

Kaila MaCullough

Hi, my name is Kaila-Marie. I am a business major and I love filming, especially when I am traveling. I am enthusiastic about traveling, going on new adventures and exploring. I enjoy being able to capture the moment while visiting a new place; it is amazing. I enjoy many sports, such as skiing, surfing, soccer, volleyball and lacrosse. My favorite sport would be skiing because it only happens once every year here in Maryland. I take advantage of our winters especially since it is short. I am very interested to play volleyball again; however, I could never find places to go except the courts by my house (which are usually occupied).

I am a very passionate person, always willing to give people 100% of my time whether it's school, work, or friendships. Being able to support others has been my nature. I enjoy giving back to the people who have been with me through my long journey of growing up. I hope my vlogs can entertain you and make you realize that community college is a great choice and that you can meet wonderful people.

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