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What’s your relationship with social media?

For me, it’s complicated. Always has been.

I find myself deleting social media apps every now and then because I can get pretty occupied with it easily. Sometimes I spend more time on my phone than doing the important things. I don’t feel very productive when I’ve done nothing all day but double tap, look at how interesting other peoples’ lives are, or laugh at petty memes when I should be studying, doing homework, or being responsible. It’s good to relax and have a “me” time but once it starts to feel like I have more to lose than gain , I try to pull back and cut the source.

So that time came again. This week, I decided I wanted to stay off social media for a month. It’s not the first time I’m doing it. In the past year, I have done this at least twice. And I’m proud to say that it was a success. I feel like I have accomplished my goal of not being too immersed in the virtual world where anything can look good but not be of any benefit to me. I want growth in every aspect of my life: spiritually, mentally, emotionally. While Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and the world, it can also be a tool that keeps me distracted. With my attention span, being distracted is a detriment to my progress. While most people may not think of it this way, I have to do what I think is best for me. I always reap the benefits of staying offline and I’m forever glad for them.

I hope you make time for yourself and you’re able wash off traces of comparison and distraction in ways that work for you. It doesn’t have to be social media. It could be anything! You do you, my friends!

Ray Ann

Ray Ann

My name is Ray Ann. I grew up wanting to be a lot of things. Being a lot older now, I realize you never really grow out of those dreams.

I’m 23 years old, barely 5 ft. tall and often mistaken as a high school student. But you know what they say — good things come in small packages. Despite me being a little vertically challenged, I’m a huge basketball fan. I love fast cars and fast…food. I love the color pink and my friends’ sense of humor. I aspire to be the realistic half of my favorite female fiction characters: to be bold and fearless like Nikita, witty, intelligent and fashionable like Blair Waldorf and sweet and sassy like Cher Horowitz.

Being a blogger means a lot of things. We write about anything and everything, including our own lives. We can choose to be private or be an open book. But I hope to share only meaningful and helpful things to anyone who reads my blogs. Montgomery College will always be a big part of my life as it gave me an opportunity to find myself and discover the things I love and gave me all the more reason to be myself.

Let’s believe in each other. 

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  1. I commend you for being able to stay off social media for an entire month! I always wonder if at some time, we will reach a point of saturation and its use will decline. Much of it seems like the latest fad that we all feel compelled to latch onto. Although there will always be something new on the horizon, you are correct in recognizing much of it is a huge time sink that could be better used for studying or related to people in person. Frankly, I am tired of selfies and what people made for breakfast!!

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