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After the intensity of last night’s events and the results of today, I was so consumed with the energy surrounding the potential president that not only had I missed my assigned post date, but I did not have the energy nor stability to go to class today. After the previous results of Bernie to not be a potential front-runner of the 2016 presidential elections, I had very little faith (which proved right) that Hillary Clinton would become the President of the United States come January. Now I am conflicted about moving back home after I graduate to finish my studies or remain present within the adversity and historical moment. Some part of me still has hope and faith in humanity and its citizens that the future president-elect makes just changes and implements new policies that would help America move forward. The other part of me is somewhat afraid not only for my future but the future of my like-minded peers, families, immigrants, and citizens who witnessed this phenomena.

So how can I incorporate all of the above with Montgomery College? Well, now I know that the change that I would like to see does not come from me moving across the boarder trying to escape and find solitude, but instead remain where I am and spark change within. I now know the true value of education and the power it has. The conflicting issues surrounding the elections somehow motivates me more to become a better person and continue my education. I know that with my experience from Montgomery College, I can possibly change the world.

As always, have a good week and spread some positivity.



"The Glass Castle" taught me about enjoying simplicity and the true value of objects. "The Great Gatsby" shed light on money, success, greed, and friendship. And "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" conveyed the morbidity of how inevitable fate is.
My name is KeAndre Blue, but Blue is my preferred name. I adore books and I am from Bristol, England. I have been living in the United States for seven years. I have had the blessing to travel a lot during my younger years of childhood which has open my mind to different cultures, environments, and how truly magnificent the world is.
My siblings are my pride and joy. And my pet, Kohta, who's restlessness makes my day. I consider myself a free spirit who thrives on spontaneity and conquers adversity. In my down time I am either reading a book or writing poetry. But when the weekend comes, I am out with friends attending a concert, camping, taking random road trips, or occasionally visiting the museum.
I have a strong relationship with pizza, and will spend more money on food than on clothes without a second thought. I enjoy yoga and running and my music interests are mainly deep house, indie, and jazz. My main goal in life is to gain more than five hours of sleep see if I can survive on pizza alone.
I am currently pursuing my associates degree in Communication Studies and will hopefully graduate in the fall of 2017.
With all of that being said, I hope you guys enjoy my posts. And if you see me on campus say “Hello”, I would love to meet you all.

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