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Current Mood: Worthy by Jacob Banks


This past weekend I indulged in all of the festivities that come along with camping, while contemplating the true reason I decided to go to college. Your mind tends to wander while watching the flames dance in the purple glazed night to the sounds of mother nature. As crickets chirped and a calm breeze sifted through the leaves of the trees, my friends and I conversed about politics, reminisced last year’s camp festivities, pondered our personal goals and desires, and discussed why college was either necessary or not to our current lifestyle.

Growing up, education was one of two main goals my parents instilled in me. All through primary and secondary school, I had little or no chance to evade homework assignments or consider taking a gap year before college. This whole mantra “Your relationship with God and education are the two things no one can take away from you” was bitter-sweet in my development. Of course, I questioned my faith and pursuing a higher education was not always my primary focus, but sitting around my friends (some who attend college and some don’t) I dreamt of what my life would have been if I had taken a gap year or detoured from college. Would I contribute to the youth who spent so much time from school that the thought of going back is off-putting? Once the conversation shifted just as swiftly as the temperature drop, I finally brought the life back to the solemn conversation of life. Once the conversation built up some momentum, I finally released this question I had been holding in: the question of whether or not college is important. Does college change people for the better?  Once the answers of for and against college flooded in, critiques of the educational system, the forever changing world, and the trade-offs of going to college were weighed against pursuing something that you’re passionate about without the assistance of college. The answers that flowed were as unpredictable flickering of flames in the pit. I reviewed my life. I dreamt of what my life would be if I did not go to college. I dreamt of the possibilities that I would have. I let the endless possibilities roam in my mind. And with each question, I realized for one, how grateful I was to actually attend a college. I realized that my life would be completely different, more negative than bad. I realized that I honestly would not have the blissful life I have now. I say this because my two years at Montgomery College has helped me grow as an individual. In college, I found myself. I never truly knew what I wanted to do and I knew that if I carried that mind-set with without attending college, my life would turnout different. Through these years of trials and tribulations from college, I have figured out my true passion. I learned so much more about subjects that are dear to me. And my current knowledge completely surpasses and exceeds my primary and secondary academia.

I personally think college should be free and that everyone should have the opportunity to attend. Reason being, you find yourself and immerse yourself with new possibilities and outcomes.

As always have a good week and spread some positivity.



"The Glass Castle" taught me about enjoying simplicity and the true value of objects. "The Great Gatsby" shed light on money, success, greed, and friendship. And "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" conveyed the morbidity of how inevitable fate is.
My name is KeAndre Blue, but Blue is my preferred name. I adore books and I am from Bristol, England. I have been living in the United States for seven years. I have had the blessing to travel a lot during my younger years of childhood which has open my mind to different cultures, environments, and how truly magnificent the world is.
My siblings are my pride and joy. And my pet, Kohta, who's restlessness makes my day. I consider myself a free spirit who thrives on spontaneity and conquers adversity. In my down time I am either reading a book or writing poetry. But when the weekend comes, I am out with friends attending a concert, camping, taking random road trips, or occasionally visiting the museum.
I have a strong relationship with pizza, and will spend more money on food than on clothes without a second thought. I enjoy yoga and running and my music interests are mainly deep house, indie, and jazz. My main goal in life is to gain more than five hours of sleep see if I can survive on pizza alone.
I am currently pursuing my associates degree in Communication Studies and will hopefully graduate in the fall of 2017.
With all of that being said, I hope you guys enjoy my posts. And if you see me on campus say “Hello”, I would love to meet you all.

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  1. College now seems to be the path – the only path – to well paid jobs with perhaps a few exceptions. A degree also opens doors that never would have been opened without the degree. I question the feasibility of free tuition for all, although there are currently many financial aid options available here at MC, at least, that allow most to attend if they want to. What I do believe is that all deserve a living wage job period. Unfortunately, the manufacturing jobs that provided a good middle class life for those who could not or did not want to go to college have been snuffed out. I see this as a huge cause of the haves and have nots in this country, thus pushing the notion that one must have a college degree to have some semblance of a achieving the American Dream.

  2. Questioning has it’s place in life, especially in religion imo. Yet, I find there is a deep need for some quiet time and I don’t mean distracting yourself with games. It’s necessary to put aside some time to just sit down and shut up.

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