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As midterms approach, I thought I would create a post that provides some creative and thoughtful ways to help you all prepare for your midterms.

Sometimes figuring out how to study or even a place to study can often pose as a challenge. It can be difficult trying to find your groove and motivation, whether that is subconsciously telling yourself that you will do “well” on your midterm or test without studying or more so just simply grazing through a few notes. And evermore, how are you going to incorporate time to study while you work? It can be difficult to be a college student while working. And for those who choose not to work, it is hard to force yourself study when Fear of the Walking Dead seems more appealing than slaving over study guides and flashcards. Well, in this post I will provide some new methods to effective studying.

First off, let’s replace the word “studying” with “active learning”. To some, “studying” may scare us and create an aggressive aura, implying that it is something we have to do to succeed. By firstly, addressing the word with active learning may bring a new positive approach to understanding and preparing yourself for your midterm or quiz.

Learning or reviewing old material should be fun. We are now at a time in our life where we finally get to choose our own class and make our own schedule based on our lives. With that, each class connects to one another that often relates to our major. So as you review your study guide, try to connect some of the terms or concepts with another course. This may help you understand the material better when you compare and contrast notes and the objectives with one of your favorite courses.

Treat Yourself

It can be hard finding your personal approach to actively learning. But it is proven to “treat yourself” while going through your study guide and answering questions. When I say “treat yourself” I do not mean binge on Netflix the day before the exam…I recommend that you break your active learning sessions into sections or time slots. So study, answer, and review your notes and study guide for 45 minutes to an hour then indulge in personal pleasure. And continue to alternate. Whether than is making a light dinner or lunch, scroll through your endless timelines on social media, or even watch a few minutes of your favorite show. We as human beings thrive on incentives, so to make active learning somewhat enjoyable, don’t force yourself to sit down for several hours slaving over your notes. Instead get up and move around.

Listen to Music

Try listening to your favorite music, or create a playlist. I prefer to listen to either ambient or classical music than other genres that peak my interest more, but ambient music is calmer usually due to slower bpm and lack of words. Therefore, its not too loud and in your face. Listening to contemporary classical music or songs with slower bpm (beats per minute) influences your behavior. I am not saying DO NOT LISTEN to Life of Pablo or Views, but try expanding your genre. Try out these two methods and let me know how they work out for you. (My go to is always Keaton Henson’s Romantic Works)

Create your own study guide

So far you have already completed the first step of active learning; you choose to actually look over your notes, which is different than completely ignoring that fact that you do have something to prepare for. If your professor did not provide you a study guide, then simply create your own. You are somewhat aware of the concepts and terms that are going to be on the test. And if you are not, I am pretty sure you have a textbook for the class. With that being, most textbooks bold or italicize important terms or concepts. And most, before the chapter begins, provide questions and key concepts to pay attention to while you read the textbook. Answer and incorporate these into your study guide.

Study Groups

Get together with some classmates, and quiz each other. Studying in groups brings a more enjoyable approach to studying. There might be somethings you missed or overlooked in class that another student might know. Or if you are studying for class that is proven to be more difficult than others or is simply not your most appealing course, by surrounding yourself with those who are not only willing to help you, but are also taking the same course and prove to be efficient in prepare you for the midterm.

So I hope with some of this information provided you will be able to ace your exams. Thank you for reading. And as always, have a good week and spread some positivity.



"The Glass Castle" taught me about enjoying simplicity and the true value of objects. "The Great Gatsby" shed light on money, success, greed, and friendship. And "The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" conveyed the morbidity of how inevitable fate is.
My name is KeAndre Blue, but Blue is my preferred name. I adore books and I am from Bristol, England. I have been living in the United States for seven years. I have had the blessing to travel a lot during my younger years of childhood which has open my mind to different cultures, environments, and how truly magnificent the world is.
My siblings are my pride and joy. And my pet, Kohta, who's restlessness makes my day. I consider myself a free spirit who thrives on spontaneity and conquers adversity. In my down time I am either reading a book or writing poetry. But when the weekend comes, I am out with friends attending a concert, camping, taking random road trips, or occasionally visiting the museum.
I have a strong relationship with pizza, and will spend more money on food than on clothes without a second thought. I enjoy yoga and running and my music interests are mainly deep house, indie, and jazz. My main goal in life is to gain more than five hours of sleep see if I can survive on pizza alone.
I am currently pursuing my associates degree in Communication Studies and will hopefully graduate in the fall of 2017.
With all of that being said, I hope you guys enjoy my posts. And if you see me on campus say “Hello”, I would love to meet you all.

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  1. Hey Blu – Raul had a similar ‘how to study” – er – ‘learn’ related blog. It would be a powerhouse of learning by following the suggestions of both. Good luck on those midterms!

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