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Standard Syllabus

Hey, Students!  Needing to transfer and provide a copy of an MC standard syllabus?  No problem!  Please email Elizabeth.Benton@montgomerycollege.  In the  subject line, please write the course you need the syllabus for (ex: Syllabus for ENGL 101+011).  It should take…

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ENGL 102 and 103 fulfill state pre-reqs!

Although students will want to check with their majors at Montgomery College (talk to your advisor!) and with the university they plan to attend, generally speaking ENGL 102 and ENGL 103 serve the same purpose. They have the same basic goal: to improve the students’ writing, to help learn to use source materials in their writing and to develop critical thinking skills.

English 102 is aimed more at the humanities and social sciences while ENGL 103 is aimed at business, medical and technical writing.

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Satisfy 2 Gen Eds in 1!

ENGL 233: Read short stories from around the world. Satisfy a Gen HUMD and a Cultural Perspectives/Global requirement with 1 course in 3 weeks. Transfers widely. Looks good bc it's a 200-level course. Questions? Contact: Prof. ENGL 233 CRN…

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Learn to write sentences!

Grammar isn't just about rules. Grammar is about writing sentences that are clear, graceful, and elegant. Develop your sentence-writing skills to get higher grades and write better job letters. Do all of this in only three weeks during the winter.…

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