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Whether it’s working full time to support a family or spending an hour on the metro getting to class, two-year “campus life” for students is often stuck on fast forward when compared to four-year universities. And with an average age of 26, Montgomery College students see much of campus in the rear-view mirror.

The MC Voices program has pushed the College forward in engaging students and in striving to better connect classmates in everyday campus life.

MC Voices video blogger Alexandra Rose Atienza says, “to me, MC Voices means having the power of connection and using it to spread ideas. It means discussing issues that people rarely talk about, finding solutions, and sharing new perspectives.”

The MC Voices program works to connect students to the faculty and staff, as well as to remind students that they all go through similar struggles. MC Voices blogger Ray Ann Villanueva says, “having someone actually speak it will help us realize that, while we all go through different journeys, we all share the same struggles.”

Villanueva added, “MC Voices has given me a platform in which I can share a little bit about me and a lot more about being a college student at MC.”

In one of Villanueva’s posts she encourages students to “Find a Club That Fits You!” in which she points out that clubs benefit students by connecting them to new people with similar interests, and hence, improve student life.

“As a commuter school with great diversity, the program provides students a network of information and community by sharing resources of academic programs, special events and support services, as well as their doubts and aspirations,” said Jane Abraham, marketing communications coordinator at Montgomery College, who leads the MC Voices program.

Atienza posted a video on her vlog asking students, “Are you Hungry?” She talks about the best places within walking distance of the Rockville Campus to eat. This vlog benefits students who are new to the area or students who do not have a car.

Montgomery College student Francheska Risos, an MC Voices reader, says,

“MC Voices is important because it helps with the advancement of the College itself.”

Ray Gilmer, MC’s vice president of communications, agrees. “For example, people who are considering attending the College really value the perspective from our student bloggers. They see genuine viewpoints, positive and not-so-positive, from students who already attend MC.”

Atienza enjoys the different personality outlets MC Voices provides. “It offers the opportunity for my voice to be heard and to spread my ideas… It allows me to step out of my comfort zone, or talk about topics that interest me and are important to me.”

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