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Every year, a large number of students enter college without having made final decisions about their careers, or even majors, with many students changing their minds at least once. In situations like this, having an academic plan is essential in helping students map their paths wisely. As a result, a group of Montgomery College students decided to create a mobile application for their fellow students at the College: Purple Plan.

Purple Plan starting screen. Photo courtesy of the Purple Plan team

The app works directly with the catalog to offer the most updated information on courses. Right now, it has two supported transfer paths, University of Maryland College Park and University of Maryland Baltimore County, with one supported major, Computer Science. The development team is currently working on adding three new majors before the end of this academic year: Information Systems (Winter 2019), Engineering (Spring 2019), and Mathematics (Spring 2019).

Maksim Eren, Jimmy Rodriguez, Mohammadreza (Mark) Mohades, Shahryar Shagoshtasbi, Trong Khanh Hoang, Charles Varga, and Yonnathon A Kebede, started working on the Purple Plan App over winter break of 2017 and it became available for download this past summer. It is a tool for Montgomery College students to create and better manage their academic plans. Purple Plan helps students figure out which colleges offer the majors that they are interested in, which classes will transfer to that college, and when they should transfer.

As a diverse group of students, we always had the chance to have fresh perspectives in our development.

“As Montgomery College students, we were able to reflect on what we need, what would be the ideal way to create academic plans and communicate with our advisors,” said Mohades, Apple iOS developer. “We have the passion for easing up the path of other students achieving their academic excellence, and we have tried very hard to make it happen for them,” said Purple Plan founder Maksim Eren.

Academic plan example. Photo courtesy of the Purple Plan team

The team plans to expand to more majors and have every counselor learn to use the app so that they can help students. “As a diverse group of students, we always had the chance to have fresh perspectives in our development. However, due to our limited time as full-time students, we are looking for more enthusiastic students with any college major to join us, and deploy their diversity of ideas, besides getting their hands on the process of making a real-world application,” Jimmy Rodriguez, lead Android developer, said.

The team is looking for more Montgomery College students who would like to join their team to work on development of the future versions of the Purple Plan. In particular, they are looking for help from students for advancing the current version of Purple Plan (iOS) and the development of the Android version. “To anyone who has an idea or ambition, they should make something. No matter how impossible or ridiculous an idea may sound, now is the best time to work for it,” they said.

The Purple Plan team would like to thank Dr. Webb, Dr. Benmouna, Dr, Kuijt, and Dr. Kehnemouyi, for supporting them throughout this process.

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