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Every couple has a special story. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, @MontgomeryCollege is featuring couples who met at MC or whose journey has been connected to it.

“She had a great smile, and I was taken from the very first sight,” said Michael Brown, producer and director for MCTV. He was telling the story of how he met his wife, Kim Sanders-Brown, recruitment and college access coordinator at MC and the woman who still makes him swoon. It was 2002 and Brown was leading a promo video for the local television network to highlight the then-new response center at the College. After the project was over, he sent her an email that read: “I don’t normally do this, but I am totally smitten with you. Can I come back down and re-introduce myself to you?” Four years later, they got married in the lobby of the same building where they met on the Rockville Campus.

Michael Brown (left) and Kim Sanders-Brown got married in the Gudelsky Building lobby, where they also met

Michael and Kim are the type of couple that would make even the most skeptical believe in love, especially the second time around. They look at each other as if not a day has gone by since their wedding.

At the time, though, they were both newly divorced adults with children and after the first date, Kim didn’t feel they were ready for a committed relationship yet. A year went by, and she invited him, as a friend and colleague, to join her and her coworkers at Summer Dinner Theatre. It turned into a date of sorts, but Kim had been married for 20 years, still had a young daughter at home, and still wasn’t sure she was ready. After he came back from helping his parents move into a senior living facility, they went on a date to an Italian restaurant in Bethesda and Kim gave him a card saying that she was going to give it a shot.

In that same restaurant, a couple of years later, they officially became engaged after he gave her an engagement ring. “I had to ask her three times,” said Michael. They were at Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown. “We hiked up there, we’re talking, and then he drops to one knee,” laughs Kim. “Third time was the charm.”

You never know where you’re going to find love

On June 3, 2006, a Friday after work, they tied the knot in the Gudelsky Building lobby, surrounded by their children, close family members, and coworkers. As Kim walked down the stairs, colleagues hummed the wedding march. “It was very sweet, very personal,” Kim said. She said their story was surprising: “You never know where you’re going to find love.”

More couples found love, or made great memories, at MC and are now living out their stories.

Sara Montone ’06 and C.J. (Charles) Overly ’06 met at the Montgomery Scholar’s first event — Tea at then-President Charlene Nunley’s house. By late fall they were dating, but given the close nature of the Scholars group (only 25 students in their class) they chose to keep things quiet. It was in the MC newspaper’s valentine messages section where C.J. declared- “so it seems everyone knows.” They will celebrate their 14th Valentine’s Day together next month.

Remy and Eddie Alvarez met at Northwest High School. They decided together that they would go to MC from 2013 to 2015 and save money. “We had many lovely memories of MC together as a couple. We made many friends (including our mentors), studied together in the cafeteria while eating chicken tenders with honey mustard, held hands as we walked from class to class, and of course, we graduated together. We got married last year in April and even invited the mentors we had at MC to our wedding!” Remy said.


Kevin and Kristina Schramm met and started dating in 1991 at Poolesville High School when Kristina was a junior and Kevin was a sophomore. After graduating in 1992, Kristina attended MC and was a student assistant for the Financial Aid Office.Following in her footsteps Kevin also attended MC after graduating in 1993 and was a student assistant for the Admissions Office. Shortly after graduating from Frostburg State University in 1996, Kristina got a position at MC as a financial aid assistant and Kevin followed suit 1998.  Kristina is now capital budget analyst in the Facilities Department and Kevin is a purchasing agent for the Procurement Office. Kevin and Kristina still reside in Poolesville, Md. and have a 14-year-old daughter, who currently attends John Poole Middle School.




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