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Javon Inman sang his first solo at his grandfather’s church when he was four years old. Inman, a Montgomery College IT support specialist, recently hit a high note when he released his second album, Agape Eros, and performed at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring’s Cultural Arts Center.

“My parents kept me in music and theater productions, so I have a huge heart for the arts and all kinds of musical genres, from country to Latino; I even have a Latino song, Te Amo, on my new album,” Inman says. To add to his repertoire of vocals and songwriting, he began playing the guitar last year.

Javon Inman Inside Server Room

Inman is a disciple of gospel and R&B, both of which are prevalent in his 2011 debut album, Heart of a Worshipper. He credits his musical training to church, and believes his talent is a gift from God and that his goal is to serve others.

Having garnered 14 awards, many of them DMV Christian Music Awards, Inman says he is grateful for the recognition, but what strikes a chord with him are the testimonials he hears from followers. He loves to inspire and motivate people.

The title of his latest album honors both of his greatest loves. “In Hebrew Agape is the ultimate, unconditional love of God, and Eros is the romantic, physical love between husband and wife. I merged the two because I love singing about God, but I also love singing love songs to my wife.”

Marrying a passion and a profession seems easy for Inman. He loves his job, the benefits, and the flexibility at the College, but above all, he loves the people. Of the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, where he currently works, he says, “It’s like a big family. I love that there are people from all walks of life.” His colleagues and friends support him, he says, by attending his concerts and purchasing his albums.

When asked whether he would pursue music full time, he says, “I would love to keep both things happening. I am grateful for every day and I’m just enjoying the ride.” In fact, the married father of two boys, 11 and 13, says his oldest son just recorded his first song. Imagine the pair putting an album together in the future.

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