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REACH-350x204Last week, Dr. Pollard addressed nearly 70 full- and part-time faculty members at a seminar where faculty discussed how they could be even more engaged in fostering student success and degree completion at Montgomery College. A little more than 60 percent of MC’s faculty are part-time.

The Relate, Engage, Adapt, Care, and Help (REACH) seminar was designed to provide the time and space for faculty to discuss—among themselves—real-world reaching tactics that have helped reach students and keep them on a path to earn a post-secondary degree.

Faculty were also introduced to the Student Success Score Card, a relatively new tool implemented by Dr. Pollard and her administration that tracks various data about student success and completion and helps identify areas where the College needs to improve its service and operations.

The group also discussed the changing demographics of MC’s student population and technology that can be deployed in the classroom to enhance learning collaboration.

REACH is an initiative of the Institute for Part-Time Faculty Engagement & Support, established in 2014 to better incorporate the many contributions of part-time faculty members into the College’s operation as a dynamic institution of higher education.

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