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TownHall-450x350With a 200 percent increase in enrollment in the cybersecurity and information systems security degree programs in the last four years, it seemed fitting that Dr. Pollard hosted the November town hall meeting in the cybersecurity lab on the Germantown Campus.

“I am very proud of the vision and dedication that created this lab,” Dr. Pollard said of the lab, which opened in 2015. “It is already helping students to train for the cybersecurity workforce of the future.”

Students played a special role in this town hall. In addition to taking questions from the audience and over email, Dr. Pollard invited three students to join her at the front of the room and talk about their experiences at Montgomery College.

All three students said cost was a factor in choosing Montgomery College, but it was the relationships they formed that made them stay. Carlos Antonio Iraheta, an environmental science and policy major said the staff at the College are “there to help you and lift you up.” Annick Tentchou, an engineering major, agreed, saying, “It is easy to build a relationship with your instructors.”

Jonell Anthony Malone, president of the student senate on the Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus, said he appreciated the faculty and staff being honest about his strengths and weaknesses so he knew “when to step up my game.”

All three students are part of Dr. Pollard’s distance learning presidential seminar, which she is co-teaching with the president of Mott College in Flint, Michigan. The class is titled Water for Life: Leadership Lessons from the Flint and Washington, DC Water Crises.

Current events, like the situation in Flint, were front and center in the town hall.  Dr. Pollard’s discussion covered the post-election climate and the creation of safe spaces for conversation.

With the end of the semester drawing near, Dr. Pollard reminded everyone of the value of kindness in making society a better place and urged the audience to take care of themselves and one another.

To see the entire town hall, follow this link.

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