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Banners-400x350As Montgomery College celebrates its 70th anniversary, the College is in the process of rebranding itself as having that unique “college town” feel that attracts students to the institution and encourages them to reside in the county and contribute to the local economy long after graduation.

The College embarked upon a number of initiatives to that end, including: adopting a new branding tagline (Make Your Move); creating a new, more modern website design; displaying new campus banners; and building new electronic signs at various locations.

“There’s a new energy on campus and renewed pride in our mission,” said President DeRionne Pollard. “We are harnessing the important role we play in the higher education ecosystem like never before.”

From October 31 to November 4, the College will hold its first Spirit Week, complete with activities on each campus to demonstrate school spirit and pride. Click here for a comprehensive list of events happening at various campus locations.

During Spirit Week, students, faculty, staff, and alumni will wear school colors and participate in a wide range of friendly competitions and contests.  The week will culminate with campus visits and pep rallies led by President Pollard, who will be accompanied by none other than the College’s mascot, the Raptor.

In addition, the College is sponsoring a nonperishable food drive to support its food pantries at each campus location. Feeding America, a national nonprofit network of food banks that provides food assistance to 46.5 million individuals and 15.5 million households, estimates that nearly half of its clients in college must choose between paying for food and paying for educational expenses like tuition and books.

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