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architect-350x400Paola Moya knows what it means to make the sacrifices to make her dreams a reality.

She and her architecture design firm have played a role in such projects as the MGM National Harbor casino project in Prince George’s County, the DC United Stadium, the Washington Wizards practice facility, and the new student center on the campus of the University of the District of Columbia.

During her time at MC, Moya did everything from delivering pizzas to walking dogs before being hired at a malpractice law firm. It did not take her long to realize this was not an ideal career path because, she says, she had no passion in it.

“My personal mission was to help people and to make that part of my everyday task,” Moya said. “I have an artistic side, so I wanted to do something that allowed me to be creative.”

Moya, who moved to the United States from Bogotá, Colombia, in 1998 with her siblings and parents, was fortunate to find a full-time administrative job with an architectural firm while she attended MC at night, ultimately earning her associate’s degree.

She obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Catholic University of America while continuing to work full time. During her time at Catholic, she met Michael Marshall, another talented and budding architect.

In 2010, they joined business forces to take his existing firm to the next level. Now, Moya is the CEO and principal of Marshall Moya Design. She manages the firm’s executive responsibilities and is actively involved in the design, development, and successful completion of each of the firm’s projects. She directs the design team, cultivates new business opportunities, oversees the firm’s daily business operations, and leads the firm’s strategic planning.

The company’s employees speak a total of eight languages and are from 12 different countries. Undoubtedly, diversity ranks high among the values of the company.  The team at Marshall Moya Design in Washington, DC, is a multicultural, multidimensional assembly that blends a passion for heritage with modern design.

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