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Sally Alkire and James Owens are lifelong learners at Montgomery College, both qualifying for the senior tuition waiver granted to students over 60 years of age. But on a warm September afternoon, the two found themselves front and center in a Facebook Live video with the College president and representatives from AARP.

AARP made a special trip to Montgomery County to present MC President Dr. DeRionne Pollard and the two lifelong learners with a framed copy of a nationally-published magazine featuring the College’s Lifelong Learning Institute.

AARP’s Where We Live: Communities for All Ages series highlights inspiring ideas and solutions from America’s community leaders to improve their communities, respond to pressing issues, and build partnerships. As part of its Senior Tuition Waiver Program, Montgomery College enables Marylanders age 60 and older to enroll in credit classes by paying only the fees–no tuition.

“We want to thank AARP for this recognition,” said Pollard. “We are delighted to offer this robust program as over 7,000 students at Montgomery College are 50-plus learners, proving all students are welcome at Montgomery College.”

This year, AARP Maryland visited three towns considered “communities for all ages,” including the City of Bowie, Montgomery College, and the City of Takoma Park. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. According to AARP Maryland’s Mike Kulick, there are over 893,000 AARP members in Maryland.

From left to right: James Owens, Sally Alkire, Dr. Pollard, and AARP Maryland’s Mike Kulick.

According to Lifelong Learning Institute Program Director Natasha Sacks, the College offers over 100 programs each year.

“Montgomery College–like AARP—feels so committed to serving the community of learners ages 50 and over,” Sacks said. “We’ll continue to work as hard as we can to enable Montgomery County community members to find a class or activity that is personally stimulating and rewarding, and to make our classes as accessible as possible by offering them at multiple locations throughout Montgomery County and with a tuition waiver for those 60 and over.”

Courses offered in these disciplines include world cultures, arts and art history, computers, career/employment, literature, history, politics, human and social science, music, personal finance, and wellness.

“I needed a way to stimulate my mind,” said Alkire, who also volunteers with the LLI. “I want to thank the College and all of the staff involved for making this a wonderful program.”

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