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If you plan to transfer to a Maryland public (state) school, Montgomery College’s General Education Program will transfer to MD state schools without a course-by-course review.  Here is a summary of the Transfer Policy:

Montgomery College’s General Education Program meets Maryland State (MHEC) guidelines. The MHEC transfer policy assures that general education courses taken at any MD State institution will transfer to another MD State institution without the need for a course-by-course match.
For MD public schools, you do not have to fulfill General Education AREA lines on ARTSYS Recommended Transfer Program pages (RTP’s). For example, students who finish MC’s General Education Requirements below for an AA degree all but two of UMCP (College Park)’s General Education Requirements without a course-by-course match and will need to take only 6 more credits – two courses – of General Education after transfer.

CURRENT Catalog Year 2017 – 2018
General Education Program with Transfer Advising Notes 2017-18

The Short Version:  If you plan to transfer to UMCP, Towson, etc., your best bet is to complete MC’s General Education Program – check off  every box on an MC Gen Ed list – above.  You do NOT have to match ARTSYS lines “I-Series AREA”, “Scholarship in Practice AREA”courses– instead, just be sure that you finish MC Gen Ed Program.

If you are not graduating from MC prior to transfer but you have finished the MC Gen Ed Program, you can request a stamp from the Admissions Office that will go on your transcript stating that you have completed the General Education Program.  Schools like UMCP and Towson are particularly interested in seeing this free notation on your transcript – submit the form to the Admissions Office: