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If your goal is to transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park next Fall 2019 or in any future semester after that, you should enroll in MTAP – the Maryland Transfer Advantage Program during the Enrollment Period of mid-Oct. through November 15. Apply here:

The Maryland Transfer Advantage Program has two major benefits:

  1. Guaranteed Admission to UMD after you complete 30 to 60 credits and/or
    The ability to take one class at UMD while a full-time student at MC (this is OPTIONAL and typically used by students who cannot find a course needed for their major at MC, for example, Computer Science or Animal Sciences) – see below for details.

The MTAP Guarantee of Admission to UMD occurs after you:

  1.  Enroll in MTAP at least one full semester prior to the semester that you will apply for Transfer Admission.  The next open enrollment period will be mid-April – June 1.
  1.  Complete at least 15 credits at MC after you graduate from high school. Among the 30 credits, you must complete freshman English (ENGL 102 or ENGL 103) and a college-level math course (MATH 117 or higher, depends on major) and 5 general education courses.  NEW FOR 2018: Your 30 credits DO NOT include AP credits.  Please refer to the MTAP website for more information.
  1.  Earn a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 from all previously attended institutions in order to receive the admission benefits of the MTAP program.  All previous colleges and universities attended must be reported when you apply to MTAP.  If you ever attended any other college, your grades from that school WILL be calculated into your overall GPA for MTAP, so earning a 3.0 at MC only is not your total MTAP GPA.

After you enroll in MTAP, you must still submit an Application for Transfer Admission by the Transfer Priority Deadline of Aug. 1 for a Spring admission or March 1 for a Fall Admission. On the Transfer Application, indicate your participation in MTAP.

Frequently Asked Questions about MTAP:

What about admission to Limited Enrollment Programs?

MTAP does not guarantee admission to Limited Enrollment Programs which have additional competitive requirements

However, because some LEP decisions are made AFTER a student applies for admission, ALL MC STUDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY FOR MTAP, regardless of major (LEP or not).

Do I have to take a course at UMD to be in MTAP?

No – taking a Course @ UMD while Enrolled at MC 
is an OPTIONAL benefit of MTAP.  MC counselors recommend taking a course through MTAP if it is not offered at MC but needed for your major – this is the list of majors for which taking a class at UMD while at MC might make sense:

  • African American Studies – *AASP100 (INTRO AFRICAN AMER STUDY)
  • Agricultural Science & Technology – *ANSC100 and *ANSC103 (PRINC ANIMAL SCIENCE LAB) and *ENST200 (FUND SOIL SCIENCE)
  • American Studies – *AMST101 Intro to American Studies
  • Astronomy – *ASTR120 (INTRO ASTROPHY-SOL SYS)
  • Environmental Science & Policy – *ENSP102 (INTRO ENVIRON POLICY)
  • Hearing & Speech – *HESP202 (INTRO HRNG AND SPCH SCI)
  • Landscape Architecture – *LARC120 (DIGITAL FUNDAMENTALS)

*indicates that there is no equivalent for this course offered at MC

To take a course through MTAP:
1) Apply for MTAP
2) Fill out the CIS (Course Interest Survey) form that will be sent to you when you are accepted into MTAP.

Cost of taking a course through MTAP:

Students need to be aware that a course taken at UMD through MTAP does not qualify for Financial Aid, so you will need to pay out-of-pocket for a class.  Here are the approximate costs per course, including the 25% discount off tuition only:

  • A 3-credit class taken at UMD through MTAP will cost $788 tuition + fees $433 =  $1,221 plus Parking Permit of $160 per semester, total cost: $1,381
  • A 4-credit class (CMSC 131) will cost $1,432 tuition and fees total, this includes the discount) plus $160 parking fee, total cost: $1,592.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m only in my first semester and I don’t have any credits finished yet and I don’t have a GPA, can I enroll in MTAP?
Answer:   YES, you may enroll as long as you have registered for future classes.  You can list “0” for Number of Credits earned and “0” for Current GPA.

Question: Do I have to re-apply to MTAP?
Answer:  No – once you are enrolled in MTAP, you are in the program until you decide to apply for transfer admission.

Question: I want to enroll in MTAP, but I don’t have a 3.0 average – can I enroll?
YES, you may enroll in MTAP now, but you will need a 3.0 GPA in the future by the time you want to transfer.  

Question: What if I don’t have all 30 credits finished & showing on my transcript when I apply to transfer by the March 1 Priority Deadline for Fall 2018? If you have less than 30 college credits showing as completed on your transcript when you apply, you will need to send a high school transcript & SAT/ACT scores to UMD by the Priority Deadline to make your application complete.  If you apply by March 1 and have classes in progress in the Spring to reach the minimum total of 30 credits, you are not guaranteed admission through MTAP, but UMD may hold your MTAP transfer application aside & admit you on a space-available basis after you send a second transcript showing Spring grades at the end of the semester. The only true MTAP guarantee of admission applies to students who have all 30 qualifying credits showing as completed on their college transcript when submitting a Transfer Application by a Priority Deadline of March 1 (Fall) or August 1 (Spring)

Question: Are MTAP students better off transferring prior to completing 60 credits at MC? No! Although you may apply and transfer @ 30 credits, students in competitive majors like Business or Engineering often choose to stay and get great grades in 60 credits at MC. UMD does not give preference to students who have transferred earlier for competitive majors – admission into LEP majors is based mainly on excellent grades, whether earned at UMD or MC. A few majors at UMD (ex. Computer Science or Animal Science) may require transferring prior to finishing 60 credits – work with an adviser to determine if this applies to you.

Question: Do AP/IB or CLEP credits count toward the 30 credits needed for MTAP? NO – please read carefully:  AP/IB credits can be used to satisfy the Fundamental English & Math courses required for MTAP, however they will not count towards the overall 30 college credit hours required to complete MTAPor apply for transfer admissions to the University of Maryland.

Question: What if I earned credits at another college before coming to MC? Students may enroll in MTAP, but they must earn at least 15 credits at MC and have an overall combined GPA of a 3.0 from all colleges attended for MTAP qualifications.

Question: What if I want to transfer AFTER Fall 2019? Enroll in MTAP anyway – once you have been accepted into MTAP, your membership continues until any future semester that you decide to transfer.

Question:   What about Shady Grove? The Terp Transfer Program (TTP) has similar benefits. Majors in TTP are Biology, Business, Communication, Criminology and Criminal Justice, and Public Health. Search “TTP” on the site.

Who can answer other questions about transferring to UMD? UMD has a Pre-Transfer Advisor based at MC.  Meet the UMD Transfer Advisor, Mr. Tyler McClenithan, by asking for a Starfish appointment referral from any MC Counselor or Adviser or contact him directly by e-mail

Read the fine print here!

The Fall MTAP Enrollment period is mid-Oct. to Nov. 15.  The Spring MTAP Enrollment Period is mid-April to June 1. Apply on-line through the MTAP Site:

Disclaimer:  This page is intended to summarize MTAP information only and is subject to change;  find Official MTAP Information and the MTAP Application here: