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All Transfer Students Should Apply for Financial Aid!

 Even if you didn’t qualified for financial aid at MC, if you’re transferring to a four-year institution this coming year, you should file a FAFSA NOW between Jan. 1 and March 1 to see whether you may receive aid at your next school.

When you submit a FAFSA, you will immediately see an “EFC” number – the Estimated Family Contribution.  Your EFC appears like this: 012345 (or some other number).  Put in a $ and comma to see what the actual dollar figure is: $12,345.  This is the amount that you and your family are expected to pay for your education for one year.   Many families do not complete taxes until after March 1 – in that case, you can still file but ESTIMATE information so that you can meet the Feb. 15 to March 1 deadline for maximum student aid from the State.
Note that University of Maryland, College Park has a FINANCIAL AID PRIORITY DEADLINE OF FEBRUARY 15 for the FAFSA – so estimating to file by the deadline is recommended if taxes have not been filed!
If you Google FAFSA, beware of scam sites that require a payment to file the FAFSA.  The FAFSA is FREE and should be accessed through  The operative word is .gov rather than .com.
Research more about Financial Aid options here: