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MC ADVICE FOR THE COMMON APPLICATION for Transfer Students:  Common Application (CA4) Directions
What is the Common Application (CA4)?
The Common Application (CA4) is an on-line college admission application that students may submit to over 500 member schools. Go to the website to see which institutions require the Common Application. Transfer students must submit the CA4 application electronically. Transfer students will only be able to download and print the following two forms:
1.    “Transfer Registrar Report” (where the Dean/Associate Dean will complete the College Official’s information)
2.    “Transfer Academic Evaluation Form” (for letters of recommendation).
These two forms will be populated with the student’s name once they set-up their CA4 application profile.  Students can also choose to have the Transfer Academic Evaluation Form sent electronically to Instructors for the recommendation.
Transfer students need to fill out or provide information for the following forms:
1. Follow all the directions through submission for the “Transfer Application Package”.
2.    Transfer Academic Evaluation Form:  ASK your recommender first, then submit your recommender’s name & e-mail information.  We suggest that you provide your recommender with your resume or a list showing your major & career goal and activities, etc.
3.    Transfer Registrar Report: This form can be downloaded (with the student information populated  on it) and brought to the Associate Dean’s Office to be completed. This form “DOES NOT” go to the Registrar or the Admissions Office. It should be taken to the Dean of Student Affairs office on your MC campus.
4.  Montgomery College Transcripts – you will need to go into MyMC and click on the Request a Transcript link for official MC Transcripts – there is a $7 fee per transcript.
5.    Final Report: This is generally not necessary for a transfer student, as it refers to high school work. However, check the “Supplement Page” of the four year institution to determine whether you need to send your high school transcript and standardized test scores.
6.    Essays: Some schools require additional essays, portfolios, and/or an interest statement. Check the “Supplement Page” of the CA4 for each college for additional information that you must provide.