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Welcome to Transfer Times

Everything you need to know about transferring from MC to a four-year school can be found in the Transfer Times.  Students should begin planning for transfer as soon as they start at MC.  Meet with a counselor/program advisor each semester to pick classes and discuss:

Which schools you are considering for transfer What major(s) interest you When you would like to transfer

Featured News

MTAP Application Available Now – Guaranteed Admission to UMD

If your goal is to transfer to the University of Maryland, College Park next Fall 2019 or in any future…

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UMBC Common Application Tips

UMBC uses the Common Application, and they recently launched a new application for transfer students. When applying to UMBC, be…

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Sample Transfer Application Deadlines for Fall 2018 and Tips to Apply


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Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

What does it take to pursue a Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Transfer Scholarship? A desire to complete your education at…

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Choose the Right Courses for a Successful Transfer

While taking classes at MC, every students should think about these factors: If you are Undecided about a Major, work…

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Don’t Miss Financial Aid Deadlines!

All Transfer Students Should Apply for Financial Aid!  Even if you didn't qualified for financial aid at MC, if you're transferring to…

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Transfer Myths = General Studies

Beware of Transfer Myths! "I can earn an Associate's degree and all of my credits will transfer to any Maryland school." Not…

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Completing the Common Application

MC ADVICE FOR THE COMMON APPLICATION for Transfer Students:  Common Application (CA4) Directions What is the Common Application (CA4)? The Common Application (CA4)…

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Language Requirement for Certain Majors at UMD

Some majors at the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) have a Language Requirement.  If the major you are considering is on…

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Step by Step Transfer Planning

To view practical ideas to help you navigate the transfer process, visit the Step by Step Transfer Planning page.  Here are the…

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UMBC – Transfer Student Alliance (TSA) Guaranteed Admission

UMBC's TSA (Transfer Student Alliance) offers Montgomery College students a guaranteed scholarship of $1,500 for each of two years of full-time…

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Transfer Planning and General Education Courses

If you plan to transfer to a Maryland public (state) school, Montgomery College's General Education Program will transfer to MD…

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Graduating from MC?

If YES, be sure to apply by the MC Deadline June 1 - Summer Graduation Deadline October 1 - Fall…

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Psychology – Advising by Major Transfer Notes

Planning to major in Psychology at a four-year institution?  View the Montgomery College Transfer Advising Chart for Psychology to see which lower…

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Transfer Advising – Computer Science & Related Majors

Considering a major in Computer Science or a related field? What courses do you need to take at MC for a…

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