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Summary of Erosion and Sediment Control and Tree Protection Activities

Hello all,

Hope this email finds you well and enjoying the cooler weather and the beginning of fall. We are proud to continue remote learning during this time, providing our students with quality education in a virtual environment. We are also busy planning for the upcoming spring semester and next fall as well. Our efforts are especially focused on developing biotechnology and cybersecurity programs to meet Montgomery County’s changing workforce needs.


Following up on our previous notice, I wanted to share that Barton Malow Construction has not heard any more from Pepco about its plans for work on the removal of power to the transformer that served Falcon Hall. We will continue to update you as we receive more information about the timeline. You may recall that to disconnect the power completely, Pepco will remove the underground line used to connect the transformer to a power pole on the north side of Takoma Avenue across the street from the Campus near Fenton Street. The power line will be pulled out from the end on MC property so there will be NO need to dig up Takoma Avenue.


As you may be aware, following the deliberations of the Takoma Park Tree Commission, we received approval for both the tree protection permit and the tree removal permit from the City. Our next step is to install 1,170 linear feet of tree protection fencing along the outside construction fence to prevent damage to all the existing trees to remain near the project. Fencing will be installed as directed by the City’s arborist. Tree protection fencing will be maintained throughout the duration of the project and inspected monthly by the City’s arborist and daily by Barton Malow. For more information about the tree protection plan and to the approved tree removal permit dated October 15, 2020, visit here on the project website.

Upcoming Activities

Some small but important things will soon be happening on and around our construction site. Beginning in mid-October, site preparation work will take place within and adjacent to the now long-established fence line. As we get ready to begin the demolition of Falcon Hall in early December, we need to put several approved environmental measures in place such as a stabilized construction entrance, erosion and sediment control, and, as noted above, tree protection measures.

The stabilized construction entrance (SCE) will be installed on Fenton Street on the curb line between Falcon Hall and Science South. The SCE is a structured layered aggregate bed meeting the requirements of the Maryland Department of the Environment. This new entrance enables construction vehicle traffic to enter and exit the site at a single point away from the neighborhoods, limits the speed of those vehicles, controls dust, and prevents runoff from leaving the site. Adjacent to the SCE and within the construction fence, there will be a truck wash structure. Vehicles will be hosed down prior to leaving the site, as needed, to remove all debris such as mud and dirt in order to mitigate the release of sediment on streets.

As part of our erosion and sediment control (ESC) measures, silt fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the site. This black filter material, staked vertically into the ground where construction is taking place, reduces soil migration from the site. The silt fencing will be installed and maintained according to regulations, inspected regularly by Barton Malow, and maintained in good condition throughout the project.

All of these measures are standard operating procedure for construction sites. Barton Malow will follow all appropriate requirements from the State, County, and the City to operate a safe and environmentally sound construction site.

We are in the midst of planning a virtual project update forum. Stay tuned for the date and time.

As always, if you have questions please email

Stay safe,

Brad Steward Signature

Dr. Brad Stewart
Vice President & Provost
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Montgomery College

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