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Hello All,

As was noted in the recent electronic letter I sent, you will have more opportunities to engage with the project team regarding the Catherine and Isiah Leggett Math and Science building, including two more design charrettes to continue to refine the work already done. We are striving to schedule these design charrettes for June or early July. In the weeks ahead, we will also announce a series of project update forums, during which you can learn about the construction process and mitigation measures.

This summer and concurrent with finalization of the building design, the College and the construction manager will start preparations for a series of pre-construction activities to help ensure the project progresses as planned to meet the opening in the fall of 2022. These activities include relocating faculty and staff, soil boring collection that started this week, decommissioning Falcon Hall—including closing of the pool—and Science South, site analysis, and materials abatement, leading ultimately to demolition likely in late summer. Conducting these activities in this way will ensure that when the design is finalized, major construction activities are able to commence in a timely fashion to keep the project on track.

The College remains committed to conducting all of the construction-related activities in a manner that uses the most modern techniques that are safe, protect the environment, and respect the neighborhood that we share.

To begin the site preparation process, as noted above, both Science South and Falcon Hall must be taken out of service or decommissioned. As a result, all events and courses in these buildings will conclude with the end of the semester on May 17 with the exception of pool use. The relocation of employees, equipment, and furniture is underway and will conclude by the end of June. As a result, faculty and staff will be ready for summer sessions and the start of the fall semester.

The pool will remain in operation to honor the spring pool passes through the final evening swim on May 24. This date also affords the College the time to shut down pool operation appropriately in accordance with all Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) requirements prior to the next phase of site preparations.

The pool will be drained only after the water is neutralized. The discharge will be completed over two days to minimize the outfall—a concern raised during the charrettes. Specifically, the College will discharge the water in a slow, steady and controlled manner to reduce the impact on the storm drain to mitigate any potential impact to neighboring downstream properties.

The discharge will begin on or about May 28 after completing all the MDE requirements including several tests to ensure the water is safe to drain. The College’s environmental safety staff will monitor the process. A notice to terminate the College’s MDE permit for pool operations will be submitted once the pool is completely drained. Pool equipment still in good repair will be removed from the building and moved to the other campuses as appropriate for reuse.

I will keep you apprised of the next steps in the site preparation process including materials abatement that will take place this summer. Stay tuned for upcoming charrette dates regarding the building design and project update forums regarding the construction process and mitigation measures.

Take care,

Brad Steward Signature

Dr. Brad Stewart
Vice President & Provost
Takoma Park/Silver Spring Campus
Montgomery College

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