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On May 3, the Hillman students along with superstars at Montgomery College, were recognized for the unique contributions they have made to the Hillman Program, to the College, and to the broader community through their leadership, innovation, academic success, and entrepreneurial spirit. Here is a full list of Hillman students who were recognized:

Hillman Academic Excellence Award: Douglas Du, Leila Gilbert Rivera,Sun Moon, Oscar Rojas Zurita, Hao Song

Hillman Community Engagement Award:  Douglas Du, Gabriel Feliz, Steffany Flores, Julia Lutsenko, Stella Perez Valentin, Hao Song, April Tun U

Hillman Innovation Award: Caroline Ta, Nate Mekonnen (not pictured), Kidus Adugna, Leila Gilbert Rivera, Loretto-Marie McInerney


Hillman Social Responsibility Award: Gabriel Feliz, Andrea Barrios, Brandon Castillo

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty, Part 2: Yuqiong Liang

Above and Beyond the Call of Duty Award: Muriel Fleur Tetegan-Benissan, Ed Love Aidoo, Leila Gilbert Rivera

Hillman Spirit Award: Callie Etches and Rajashow Parajuli

Writing Mentorship Program Graduates (with Miriam Laufer): Jasraj Bassan, Douglas Du, Michel Ludovic Temgoua


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